Europeans, “final moved from London to Budapest”: the front page of The Times

Europeans, “final moved from London to Budapest”: the front page of The Times
Europeans, “final moved from London to Budapest”: the front page of The Times

According to the British newspaper, UEFA has informed Boris Johnson’s government that it could move the venue for the title due to a diplomatic case. Uefa sources do not confirm

The Euro 2020 final may not take place in London on 11 July. It is a possibility that bounces from the front page of The Times, a newspaper in the British capital that talks about a threat to UEFA and a possible move of the game to Hungary. Uefa sources do not confirm.

the case

The UEFA threat concerns the presence of 2,500 VIP guests at the last act of Wembley: these are executives of the European federation and FIFA, sponsors and TV executives and journalists, who, according to the current rules of the United Kingdom, could access to the game only after 10 days of self-isolation. The European football government has long requested that an exemption be granted, a hypothesis that Boris Johnson’s government is still considering but which would represent a double risk: both for a possible increase in the spread of the virus and for the controversy that it would follow given the rules in force that restrict the movements of the British. Hungary is the chosen solution because the restrictions are less severe and because in Budapest it would be played with a full stadium as opposed to Wembley, where the capacity for semi-finals and finals is currently still expected at 50%. The government of Boris Johnson, writes The Times, is evaluating and would also have another interest in not dissatisfying Uefa and Fifa: that of increasing their chances of obtaining European support for the candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup.

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Europeans final moved London Budapest front page Times

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