To use cherry stones well, you must first do something very important

Cherries are very popular summer fruits, especially while on the beach and want to eat something fresh and light. It is an excellent after meal to cleanse the palate and above all it has great benefits for our body.

On several occasions, we at ProiezionidiBorsa editorial staff have dealt with this issue. In particular, we have analyzed the importance of using something that we always throw away after eating cherries, that is, the stones.

What we will deal with in the next lines, is instead one thing to do before using the cherry stones. To use cherry stones well, you must first do something very important.

We will talk about the fundamental cleaning and drying process if you want to use the stones without problems. There are different methods of cleaning them and we will illustrate one of them below.

To use cherry stones well, you must first do something very important

The first step is to collect the cherry stones and boil them in water. As soon as the remains of the cherries come off (it will not take many minutes) it is good to have a colander to drain them.

It may happen that some remnants of the cherry have remained stuck despite boiling, so you will have to proceed in this way.

Since the hot water will have softened the attached parts of the cherry, you can rub the stones on the holes in the colander and use them as a grater.

You can also help with an abrasive sponge to remove everything by rinsing the stones so as to eliminate the last remains.

The drying, use and storage phase

After the cleaning operation, you have to take them and put them to dry in the sun to let them dry.

It is good to be careful and check that they are well dry before using them because the risk is that they can mold.

If, on the other hand, they are not used immediately, a perforated container can be used that can facilitate air changes to keep them.

Once dried, they are ready to be used in various ways. We can name a few. For example, they can be used as a filling for a heat pillow or to make drinks or to make musical instruments.

For other ways to use cherry pits we recommend reading this article.

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