“Community protection by the summer”

The virus slows down in Emilia-Romagna and community protection is near: by the end of the summer the Region aims at at least one administration for 70% of the population.

Yesterday in the region there were 89 positive cases, 50 fewer than a week ago, the incidence of new cases has dropped significantly, 17 per 100 thousand inhabitants, with a drastic drop in hospitalizations and optimism in view of the coming months.

The regional councilor for health, Raffaele Donini, took stock of the press conference and addressed various topics, starting with the administration of the vaccine for those who took the first dose with Astrazeneca: “We do not administer Astrazeneca to the population under 60 years of age. “.

Second dose Astrazeneca Emilia-Romagna

In total there are 40 thousand under 60s who will be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna, at the moment there are not many who have already been called for the second “heterologous” dose. “I have no news of refusals of the vaccine mix”, says Donini, in Emilia-Romagna there is no discretion on the second dose that can be done. “We do not administer Astrazeneca to the population under the age of 60. We do not believe there is discretion on the part of the Regions on this. Lazio? Has posed a non-trivial issue to the right interlocutor, we will see the response of the Government”.

Lazio asks for freedom of choice for those who also want to do the second dose of Astrazeneca and asked for clarification from the executive. In the region, continues Donini during the press conference held today on the vaccination campaign, “we did not have particular problems” on this, “but it was necessary in part to address and reassure about 40,000 people already vaccinated with Astrazeneca and under 60 years, tell them there is no problem with changing the vaccine. ” Then, yes, logistically moving the necessary doses is an “immense issue”, admits the commissioner. And anyway, in the next few weeks the topic of ‘advanced’ Astrazeneca doses could arise.

Community protection in two months

By the end of the summer we will reach the threshold of 70% of citizens who have been injected with at least the first dose of vaccine, that is to say the ‘community protection’ indicated as an objective also by the Government.

In Emilia-Romagna, over 3.3 million doses were administered and 1.15 million citizens completely immunized even with the recall.

To date, over 2.2 million Emilia-Romagna have received at least the first dose, that is 55.1% of the target population, and another 500 thousand already have an appointment fixed by the end of August.

In addition, about another 200 thousand vaccinations are scheduled in the 22 company hubs currently operating from Piacenza and Rimini, and to these must then be added those, not yet quantifiable, that will be carried out by family doctors and other professionals in the context of the so-called vaccination. ‘integrated’.

Numbers that make it possible to reach the minimum result of 2.8 million citizens protected at least by the first dose, and concretely approach the goal of exceeding 3 million, which would mean 80% of those entitled to it.

And to ensure all these administrations as quickly as possible, the Region has also involved pharmacies, already protagonists of epidemiological screening campaigns with rapid swabs. The agreement between the Department of Health Policies and the most representative trade associations of pharmacists is in the final stages, and will allow all citizens to enjoy the opportunity to get vaccinated in what are the most numerous and widespread health centers on the territory.

First dose, full cycle and reservations

As of this morning, against a target population of vaccinables equal to 3,616,759 people, in Emilia-Romagna there are 2,214,676 citizens who have received at least one dose, i.e. 55.1% of the total, and 1,140. 051 those who have completed the vaccination cycle, that is 28.4%. With more than 3.3 million doses administered out of 3.6 million doses received, Emilia-Romagna is currently the first region in Italy in the ratio between administrations and deliveries, equal to 91%.

The first dose of vaccine was administered to 100% of the over 90, 95.8% of the 80-89 age group, 88.6% of the 70-79 year olds and 81.7% of those aged between 60 and 69 years old. Going down with age, we pass to 67.3% of the first dose received by 50-59 year olds, to 39% of those between 40 and 49 years old, to 26.7% of the 30-39 age group, to 22.6 % of the 20-29 year olds and finally 8.7% of the under 20s. It should be remembered that the groups under the age of 49 are those who have seen the booking windows open last, as required by the national plan, and that all those who want to vaccinate have a fixed date.

As for complete immunization, 97.1% of those over 90 have reached it, 91.3% of those between 80 and 89 years old, 39.9% of 70-79 years olds, 41 , 1% of the 60-69 age group, 21.2% of the 50-59, 15.8% of the 40-49 year olds, 14.6% of those between 30-39 years old, 13.1% of the under 30s and 1.3% of under 20s.

The division between different types of vaccine sees 2,320,711 administrations carried out with Pfizer-Biontech, with 831,394 completed cycles, 322,134 with Moderna (117,421 complete cycles), 572,878 with Astrazeneca (120,047 complete cycles) and 82,594 with the single-dose Janssen vaccine.

For the administrations in the territories, there are a total of 219,155 in Piacenza, 332,867 in Parma, 389,721 in Reggio Emilia, 494,716 in Modena, 653,913 in Bologna, 98,622 in Imola, 288,458 in Ferrara and 820,866 in the provinces of Asl Romagna, i.e. Forlì- Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini.

The people who have already received the appointment but are still waiting for the first dose are practically half a million (499,925 to be precise), mainly concentrated in the age groups 40-49 (more than 151 thousand) and 30-39 (over 117 thousand) .

Contagions in Emilia-Romagna June 17

Yesterday 89 new cases in the region out of 16,809 swabs made, with a positivity rate of 0.5. The age of the new positives is getting younger and younger: just 33.5 years. In the last 24 hours there has been only one death, a 77-year-old woman from the province of Parma.

“There is a significant reduction in hospitalizations – says Donini – 255 patients remained in the Covid wards, a drop of 15 since yesterday. Instead, the number of patients in intensive care has fallen below fifty (49). The saturation of the wards is respectively 4.1% for Covid departments and 6.7% for intensive care “.

As for the number of swabs, which have dropped in recent weeks, “we abide by the government’s provisions. When we have 17 cases out of 100,000, very few symptomatic cases and hospital wards that are emptying, the screening activity is more focused on contact tracing. “says Donini.

On the Delta variant – the originally Indian variant that scares the United Kingdom – at the moment there are very low percentages in the region: 15 cases out of over a thousand sequences, the commissioner informs, who says “we will continue to monitor”.

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