Beppe Sala came under fire from the opposition for the appointment of the head of the local

Beppe Sala came under fire from the opposition for the appointment of the head of the local
Beppe Sala came under fire from the opposition for the appointment of the head of the local

Notes, press releases, not too veiled accusations and the “promise” of one, indeed more parliamentary questions. In the last few hours, the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, has come under fire – not at all friendly – by the opposition, ready to take any action in order to obtain clarity on the “Barbato case”.

To understand the outlines of the story, we need to wrap the tape until 2017, when Antonio Barbato, former head of the Milanese cast iron, resigned from his role after being involved – as a witness, but never investigated – in an investigation into organized crime. The former number one of the brigade had been called by the prosecutor as a person informed on the facts after having had a meeting with a trade unionist who ended up in handcuffs in that same investigation.

Sala and the Barbato case

During that appointment, according to what was confirmed by Barbato himself, it was hypothesized to have a second trade unionist stalked – a cast iron worker in Milan – suspected of using union permits too “lightly” and of putting pressure on colleagues to vanish the fines of friends and acquaintances. In recent days, Barbato himself has entrusted to “Hyenas“a complete reconstruction of the facts, casting shadows on the appointment – which took place directly and without competition – of Marco Ciacci as the new commander of the Club because – Sala dixit at the time -” there was no adequate capacity among the cast iron “.

The hypothesis – all to be demonstrated and currently not certified by any document – is that the call by Palazzo Marino was a sort of favor to the prosecutor who at that time was investigating Sala for the Expo case, given that Ciacci himself until that moment he was head of the judicial police in the prosecutor’s office. The shadows immediately ignited the suspicions of the opposition parties, which targeted the mayor of Milan.

The (new) storm over Sala

Thus, between Saturday and Sunday accusations and requests for clarification in the courtroom were wasted. “In 2017, the then head of the municipal police of Milan, Antonio Barbato, resigned after being overwhelmed by a media scandal. In his place, the municipality appoints Marco Ciacci, up to then in service at the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A story told in the broadcast ‘Le Iene’, which lays bare the lies of the mayor Giuseppe Sala to whom the Lega asks concrete answers to precise questions: why did Sala forced Barbato to resign knowing full well that he was trying to stop the malfeasance in the local police force in Milan? Why did you choose Marco Ciacci, head of the judicial police of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, the same one that had investigated Sala in the investigation on Expo? Why did he not replace Barbato with internal staff of the Milan local police after Anci had provided a list of suitable ? Since the Ghisa Scura investigation reveals collusions between the leaders of the command and Mauro Cobelli for what reason he has not said a word, perhaps he must preserve Ciacci? The Milanese have the right to precise and clear answers, Sala can no longer hide behind his silences “, the j’accuse of the deputy Igor Iezzi, leader of the League in the constitutional affairs committee, who has already announced a question to the ministers of the interior, justice and public administration.

“Dark matter and to be clarified, Beppe Sala comes to clarify what emerged from the service of Le Iene in the municipal council”, echoed Max Bastoni, municipal and regional councilor of the League. “Clarify the appointment of Ciacci and its modalities that would neglected the necessary verification of suitable profiles already in service in Milan in the Local Police. Now is the time to clarify and dispel any suspicion of exchange of favors with certain circles of the judiciary. I am sure – he concluded – that Sala will feel compelled to provide explanations in the classroom “.

“The transparency and independence of Mayor Sala and of the entire municipality of Milan with respect to the Barbato affair is seriously questioned by what has emerged in recent months and by the service of the Hyenas. It amazes us that not even the head of the legality committee, dr. Colombo, wanted to give clear answers to the doubts that the journalist wanted to submit to him. Now we ask that Mayor Sala finally tell us what are the real reasons that led him to remove Commander Barbato and to hire Commander Ciacci, then in force at the judicial police of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office – said Carlo Fidanza, Milanese parliamentarian of Fratelli of Italy -. His deafening silence, as well as that of the Prosecutor’s Office, lead us to ask for clarity through a parliamentary question that I will sign together with the group leader in the Institutional Affairs Committee, Hon. Priscus “.

And again: “The skills and competences of the local police force of Milan are the flagship of the city and cannot be debased by personal interests – political and otherwise – of those who, for too many years now, have governed Milan and who they think they can do good and bad times without being accountable to anyone. The time has come to clarify, for the dignity of the Body and for honesty towards the Milanese “, reiterated Carlo Fidanza, FdI MEP.

“The center-right opposition offers a great opportunity for Sala to clarify his position with respect to the story of the replacement of former commander Barbato. The alternation of the commander of the Milan local police is always a delicate step, but if Mayor Sala has no doubts about the methods adopted, he should calmly go to the city council to clarify his position and that of the council – the appeal of Riccardo De Corato, city ​​councilor and regional security councilor -. There can be no such shadows on the municipality and on the local police in Milan ”.

“Numerous aspects and facts that are still unclear and at times disturbing have emerged that characterized the whole affair, which now the mayor has the duty to clarify in the face of citizenship”, highlighted Andrea Mascaretti, group leader of the Brothers of Italy at Palazzo Marino. “We would like to know if, before proceeding to choose an external resource, officials and managers who are already employees of the municipality of Milan suitable to fill that role have been evaluated and on the basis of which criteria they were rejected in the final choice”, he continued wavelength the honorable Stefano Maullu, Milanese coordinator of FdI. “Citizens all have the right to know what happens inside the building where the city is administered. We expect from Sala – he concluded – maximum transparency with respect to the appointment at the top of a body that certainly has delicate and particular functions with respect to the city.”

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