in the WEEKEND ITALY in an OVEN at 40 ° C, but BEWARE of the Violent Storms with HAIL SUNDAY »

Weather NOTICE: in the WEEKEND ITALY in an OVEN at 40 ° C, but BEWARE of the violent storms with hail on SUNDAY

Burning WEEKEND over almost all of ItalyWEATHER WARNING: A weekend of fire is coming, with Italy that will find itself in a sort of “oven”. The confirmation comes directly from ours Official APP: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June the temperature they will reach the peak of the heat of this phase with peaks beyond 40°C on some areas of our country. But be careful, with all this heat the energy present in the atmosphere will also increase and with it also the risk of severe thunderstorms which locally could be accompanied by the phenomenon of hailstorm.

But let’s go in order by analyzing thelast update.

In the final part of the week the vast African anticyclone which already encompasses a large part of the Mediterranean basin, effectively causing the peak of this first serious heat wave. The temperature are foreseen in decided increase, for the ascent of very hot currents arriving directly from Sahara desert.
The real escalation will take place right from the day of Saturday 19 when the values ​​of the infamous summer of 2003 could even be exceeded, with peaks that will touch the 40°C especially on the lowlands Northern plains (Modenese, bolognese, Ferrara), in the internal areas of the Tuscany and in those of Sardinia e Sicily.
But it will be very hot elsewhere too with values ​​widely over 34/35 ° C in many cities and will make it particularly insidious high humidity rates which will affect, in particular, the Val Padana and the Tyrrhenian regions: on these sectors, the air it will do more and more heavy, creating many problems for those who want to enjoy the good weather outdoors by increasing the bio-climatic discomfort.

Subsequently, in the course of Sunday 20, Italy will in fact find itself in the middle of the battlefield between one vast depression descending from the North Atlantic andAfrican anticyclone. Initially we will still find ourselves under the scorching anticyclonic promontory, with lots of sun and a very hot climate over most of the regions (thermal values ​​still around 39/40 ° C in Emilia, but also on Market, Umbria e Tuscany). Later, however, the first unstable infiltrations, indicatively between the afternoon and the evening, which will be able to destabilize the atmosphere at least in part: the risk of temporal even violent, with hailstorm , starting with Northwest and fromalpine arc in general, with the possibility of local extension of the phenomena up to the high plains, especially of Piedmont e Lombardy.

For further information on the weekend we invite you to view the VIDEO below.

Searing heat over almost all of Italy. But watch out for severe storms in the North



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