Delta variant more widespread than expected: regions at risk

The new monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, that of the week between 9 and 15 June, describes an increase in risk in some Italian regions due to the spread of Delta variant, formerly known as the Indian variant. From the prevalence estimates of the different coronavirus strains among the positives, the national average would be 1%, with peaks over 3% in some territories.

The greatest diffusion of the Delta variant is recorded in Lazio, where 3.4% of positives are estimated to have contracted this strain, in Sardinia, with 2.9% and in Lombardy, with 2.5%.

Just a Milano an outbreak of the mutated virus broke out in a Virgin Active Italia gym in the Città Studi district. Another cluster was found in the city of Brindisi, a sign that the variant has also reached places very far from each other.

Incidence of the Delta variant: underestimated in Italy?

Dai sequenziamenti on the samples collected from May 19 to June 16, it is highlighted by the report of the Gimbe Foundation, 57 sequences out of 881 belonged to the Delta variant. This is the 6,5%, and therefore the estimates could be al discount and the most widespread strain than you think.

“For 13 consecutive weeks there has been a decline in new weekly cases,” he said Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, as reported by Il Messaggero. “The constant reduction in the ratio between positives and tested cases attests to a reduced circulation of the coronavirus”.

However, “the progressive decrease in testing activity underestimates the number of new cases and documents the failure recovery of tracking of contacts, which is fundamental in this phase of the pandemic ”, he stressed.

“In the last five weeks, in fact, the number of people tested has been reduced by 31.5%, down from 3,247,816 to 2,223,782, with a national average of 132 people tested per day per 100 thousand inhabitants and relevant and unjustified differences regional“, Is detected in the independent monitoring.

Because the Delta variant is considered more dangerous

The Delta variant is considered more dangerous due to its ability to bypass the defenses created by the Covid vaccine. According to the British health authorities, reports Il Messaggero, a single dose of the preparation would have an efficacy of 33% against this strain.

However, the latest studies would highlight that Pfizer and BioNTech’s drug should prevent hospitalization in 96% of the cases and that of AstraZeneca in 92% of cases.

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Delta variant: the risks for Italy and the effectiveness of vaccines

Photo source: ANSA

Delta variant: the risks for Italy and the effectiveness of vaccines

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