electrical panel of the warper tampered with to speed up work

Two tampering, one al electrical cabinet and the other to mechanical part, would have been identified in thewarper he worked on Luana D’Orazio, the 22-year-old worker who died crushed by that same machine last May 3 in a textile company in Montemurlo (Meadow). The new details emerge from the Tgr Rai of the Tuscany, in a report that reports what would be the advances of the technical consultancy commissioned by the Prato prosecutor, owner of the investigations into the tragic death of the young woman, mother of a 5-year-old child, to help whom over 200,000 euros were also raised.


A modification to the electrical panel would have been identified on the warper that would allow the machine to work automatically even with the safety gate raised. In particular, with that change, the start button, which should be inactive when the shutter was raised, would have worked the same. A tampering, is the hypothesis, made to speed up the work. The second remark contained in the anticipation would concern the way in which the Luana warper was working at the time of the accident: it seems that the machine worked automatically but on this point one would expect a confirmation of a parameter from Frankfurt, the city where it is based. the company that produces the warper. “We await the results of the investigation we have commissioned to establish how to act”, the words of the prosecutor of Prato Giuseppe Nicolosi, who coordinates the investigations of the carabinieri together with the substitute Vincenzo Nitti. Two crimes hypothesized by the judiciary, manslaughter and “removal or willful omission of precautions against accidents at work”.

Luana D’Orazio, the husband of the owner of the textile factory investigated: “Alleged deactivation of a photocell”

The suspects

Three, to date, the suspects for whom there have already been interrogations: they are the maintenance man of the machinery of the Mario Cusumano company, the owner of the framework Luana Coppini and her husband, Daniele Faggi, whom the investigators indicate as the de facto manager of the company. The first two answered the questions of the prosecutors, while Faggi made use of the right not to answer. The report of the technical consultant of the power of attorney is in fact being finalized and is expected shortly: the deadline for filing is by 11 July. However, the findings of the machine manufacturer, the German Karl Mayer, are still missing, which would be doing everything possible to recover all the data available within the computer memory of the warper, the so-called ‘box nerà. The hypothesis that the safety systems of the company’s machinery had been tampered with to work even with the safety gates raised had been advanced from the earliest stages of the investigation. All in order to speed up the work. It is no coincidence that the file open to the Prato prosecutor, in addition to manslaughter, also hypothesizes the crime of “removal or willful omission of precautions against accidents at work”. To be tampered with, according to what emerged from the first investigations, it would also have been a twin warper compared to the one that killed the young Luana, in turn placed under seizure by order of the prosecutor.

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