He finds the stadium unsuitable

He finds the stadium unsuitable
He finds the stadium unsuitable
in photo: The mortuary chamber of Bologna (ph Fanpage.it)

After yesterday’s in Bologna, this morning the body of Michele Merlo, the singer who passed away due to a cerebral hemorrhage due to fulminant leukemia, she was exposed in the open funeral home, this time in Rosà, her native town. A way to allow friends and people who were close to him to be able to give him a last farewell before the funeral to be held on Friday 18 June at the Toni Zen stadium in the city. But precisely as regards the funeral mass that will have to be celebrated to remember Mike Bird – this is the singer’s stage name during Amici – some problems seem to have arisen.

Because the parish priest does not want to celebrate the funeral

This was reported by Il Giornale di Vicenza which explains that in these hours a controversy has broken out over the refusal of the parish priest of the country to celebrate mass in the stadium. The newspaper speaks to Merlo’s father, Domenico who said that the parish priest “Don Angelo, the parish priest of our country has not given his willingness to celebrate the funeral at the stadium. We do not understand the reason for the choice. The parish priest believes that it is not It is possible to celebrate the entire function outside a church and in a space like the stadium “but it could also be that the choice not to celebrate the rite is due to the desire to avoid the spectacle of the religious celebration, as explained by Corriere del Veneto. . Always the Giornale di Vicenza, however, reports that the family would have turned to the Bolognese parish priest Don Carlo: “We therefore turned to Don Carlo, who immediately accepted to accompany our son on his last journey, from the place suitable to welcome safely all those who want to greet him “.

The funeral home in Rosà and the funeral

Meanwhile, after Wednesday in many, at the Pantheon in Bologna, they clung to the family to greet Merlo, including a very excited Emma Marrone, who with the singer had traveled a piece of road together artistically, with Amici, as many people are going to Rosà to greet the singer. On the coffin, in addition to the flowers and crowns, the cap that the singer used during concerts was placed, while on the book at the entrance the fans left phrases, memories and verses of poems and songs. The funeral home will also remain open on Friday morning from 9 to 11, while the funeral will be held at the stadium at 17, the only structure able to meet the criteria imposed by the legislation for entrances, spaces, parking and roads.


finds stadium unsuitable

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