Ama pays the superbonus, the already provided indemnity tripled

Ama pays the superbonus, the already provided indemnity tripled
Ama pays the superbonus, the already provided indemnity tripled

Less than 2,500 garbage collectors a Easter to collect garbage. A lower number even for Easter Monday. Yesterday, in via Calderon de La Barca, the hunt for workers to work today and tomorrow continued, in order to prevent the capital from being overwhelmed by garbage on holidays. And since no solution was found, the sole director of but, Stefano Zaghis, was forced to grant an additional bonus for these two days: the Sunday allowance at Easter goes from 7 to 20 euros gross, while those who will be on duty at Easter Monday will get 35 euros in addition to the extraordinary super holiday already provided.

In a nutshell, giving availability in these 48 hours will guarantee a doubling of the salary in those days, all in a company that, to avoid carrying court books, forced its shareholder, the Municipality of Rome, to inject fresh money for 356 million euros: 256 with a partly direct and partly indirect recapitalization (renouncing receivables from its subsidiary), the remaining one hundred by buying securitization of Ama bills never paid by citizens and pouring this amount into via Calderon de La Barca.

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In the municipal utility, the tension is high: in Capitol the budgets for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 passed to the Capitoline Assembly with a narrow majority. That is with 20 votes out of the 24 available. The temporary closure of the Roccasecca landfill, in Frosinone, has prompted the Tmb plants that work for Ama to stop deliveries from Rome, while Zaghis will have to ship around 365 tons a day outside Lazio (in Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany). of undifferentiated garbage, paying these suppliers dearly, about 30 percent more than what is spent with the plants in the area. Not to mention that a war on waste is coming between the municipality and the region, and which directly involves the company, on the future landfill to be built in Rome. That is, the one that Ama has not included in its industrial plan, relying on the one to be authorized by Monte Carnevale, now blocked after an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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In this climate, on Monday in Ama, they realized that there was not enough staff for Easter and Easter Monday and that a solution had to be found to avoid chaos on holidays. In which – even without tourists – more people are expected in the city, blocked by the red zone. Hence the request to the unions (CGIL, CISL, UIL and Fiadel) to make an agreement in extremis. For the record, the same happened at Christmas, when the company guaranteed bonuses for the collection of € 2 million in addition to overtime. This time there will in fact be a double pay for the Monday of the Angel (between the ordinary salary, the super holiday and the one-off of 35 euros), while today the Sunday allowance will be almost tripled. Alessandro Bonfigli, regional leader of Uil Trasporti explains: «Yesterday’s agreement on allowances for those who give further availability to work on Easter holidays is very important. It is the beginning of an incentive system, which, from time to time, will increasingly occupy an important position in the construction of performance and the final result to be measured with a hiring plan for future years, finally ready “.

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The only condition that Ama has rescued from the acronyms is to be able to use the workers, if in excess, in other areas far from those of their competence. All this, while the municipal company in via Calderon de La Barca, between extra costs for the collection of waste in the latest emergencies and recalculations of debts and credits towards the Municipality shareholder, finds itself with a liability in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 financial statements of more than 250 million, which the shareholder must write off. That is, the Romans with their taxes.

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