In the most used Facebook pandemic year in Italy, TikTok boom – Internet and Social

In 2020, the year of the pandemic, Facebook was the most used social network in Italy, by over 36.7 million people. Not far away, YouTube with 35.5 million monthly viewers, completes the Instagram podium with 28 million, an increase of about 9%. The real phenomenon is TikTok which recorded an increase of 333%, The second biggest increase is that of Twitch which grows by 75% and touches the monthly average of 4 million viewers. This is the analysis developed by the social media expert Vincenzo Cosenza, referring to 2020 and based on the Audiweb-Nielsen.

According to Cosenza, LinkedIn has continued to conquer new audiences (19.5 million people using it), at its ribs there is Pinterest which has managed to grow by 37% and reach 19.1 million people. Twitter maintains its loyal users who reached an average of 10.8 million last year (+ 4.4%).

“Facebook – notes Cosenza – is not only the most popular place, but it is also the one where Italians spend the most time: in December it touched 12 hours per month per person. Paired YouTube and Instagram, the first used for 6 hours and 16 minutes and the second for just under 6 hours “. For the expert, the app “that could worry everyone is TikTok which, despite still having a use limited to the very young – in 2020 it was used by about 26% of 18-54 year-olds – can boast a residence time of about 5 hours per month per person.

Same goes for Twitch which, if it were to be able to expand its user base, could undermine its competitors. In December it was used on average for about 2 hours per person. “About an hour of use, both Twitter and Snapchat are positioned.

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