WhatsApp, with this credit scam in red on TIM, Vodafone, WindTre

Over the past few weeks, users WhatsApp have reported a number of pitfalls to developers. Fake messages and fake news, spread mainly via groups and spam, are of major concern on the platform. The scams of WhatsApp on some occasions they are linked to alleged coupon codes for major clothing and hi-tech brands.

WhatsApp, fake messages on discount codes are still widespread

Among the most frequent messages read on WhatsApp you can read the communications for the gift vouchers for the most popular brands in Italy. One example is fake discount codes worth 250 euro for popular and popular shops such as Zara, H&M, MediaWorld, Euronics, Expert.

The bad guys have now developed this system as a bait for users. In what is the most classic of attempts at phishing WhatsApp readers are welcome to fill out a specific form for the complete receipt of the discount code.

Cybercriminals, through fake discount codes, invite users to communicate personal data and confidential information. This information is a valuable asset for scammers: the data, in fact, will be resold for commercial discoveries call center or related companies.

In other circumstances, WhatsApp users also need to pay attention to remaining credit. Precisely through the aforementioned discount code scams on WhatsApp, the bad guys could also activate payment services on the TIM, Vodafone and WindTre tariff profiles of the victims. In this case, the worst consequences would be for phone profile savings.


WhatsApp credit scam red TIM Vodafone WindTre

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