“Here’s what we know”, there is a cold sweat – Libero Quotidiano

“Here’s what we know”, there is a cold sweat – Libero Quotidiano
“Here’s what we know”, there is a cold sweat – Libero Quotidiano

Now, in the midst of the vaccine chaos, the topic of heterologous vaccination, in other words, the cocktail of vaccines. A theme that also takes center stage Half past eight, the program of Lilli Gruber broadcast on La7, where the omnipresent can tell us his Massimo Galli. The vaccine mix was given the go-ahead after the death of Camilla Canepa and the stop to AstraZeneca for the under-60s. Obviously the aforementioned mix generates doubts among Italians: is it safe? What do we know? And, unfortunately, even to hear Massimo Galli it seems clear that we know practically nothing about the so-called heterologous vaccination.

The director of infectious diseases of the Sacco di Milano states that, in his opinion, “freedom of choice from an organizational point of view is objectively difficult to achieve“In short, it is impossible to leave people the freedom to choose whether to make the recall with AstraZeneca or not.

Massimo Galli, therefore, launches his proposal, which also seems difficult to implement: “If it were possible, maybe free of charge and at the expense of the state, get a test that measures antibodies, as AstraZeneca was originally designed for a single dose, and if you have a good response you are reasonably protected for 90 days or more. It might be appropriate for many to postpone the problem until September, when we have clearer ideas “, he remarks.

So, here we come to the vaccine cocktail: “On the other hand, I am not against it, although I have to admit that the data we have they are more of an observational type, I am not against heterologous vaccination. Even the impression is that in terms of effectiveness they can work more “, concludes Massimo Galli. In short, he” admits “that the data we have is of an” observational “type and finally speaks of” impression “referring to the effectiveness of the method , on the other hand he says these words raising his hands. And in short, if he wanted to reassure, perhaps he didn’t succeed that much …

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Heres cold sweat Libero Quotidiano

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