“Toxic effects are not known” – Time

“Toxic effects are not known” – Time
“Toxic effects are not known” – Time

Let’s face it, the priority should be vaccinating the elderly against covid-19, partly because we do not know the effects in young people. Pharmacologist Silvio Garattini, founder and president of the Mario Negri Irccs Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan, launched the bomb on Thursday 17 June in Agorà, on Rai3.

“Elderly people and people with risk factors and serious illnesses need to be vaccinated, and they need to be vaccinated regardless of the vaccination schedule by age. Why vaccinate young people? We must secure the elderly, otherwise we continue to have deaths. That must be the priority “, said the expert who relaunches:” we do not know what the toxic effects are in young people. We have no data. And the toxic effects occur when hundreds of thousands of people are vaccinated, ”Garattini said.

“The obligation to vaccinate could be a way for skeptical over 60s, but first let’s take care of those who want to get vaccinated and still have not been able to do so due to the limits of our organization: it must be a priority objective” said Garattini on the possibility of imposing the serum to the categories of people most at risk.

Meanwhile, there is controversy over the second dose with Pfizer in Moderna for the under 60s who have already been administered AstraZeneca. The president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, underlines that in the under 60s who received the first dose of AstraZeneca, the circular of 11 June 2021 of the Ministry of Health states that “the cycle must be completed with a second dose of mRNA vaccine (Comirnaty or Modern) “. Despite, the Foundation explains, the immunological and biological assumptions and some historical precedents on the vaccine mix, the scientific evidence is still preliminary. In particular, the 4 studies cited by the CTS opinion enroll just over 800 people and measure the effectiveness of the mix only on the immune response and safety only on frequent and short-term side effects. In other words, to date there is no evidence of efficacy of ‘heterologous’ vaccination on severe Covid-19, hospitalizations and deaths, nor on any rare side effects.

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