Locatelli, his brother speaks: “Juventino? Yes, but now he doesn’t think about the market “

Locatelli, his brother speaks: “Juventino? Yes, but now he doesn’t think about the market “
Locatelli, his brother speaks: “Juventino? Yes, but now he doesn’t think about the market “

With the end of the championships and the beginning of the Europeans, many are the players who are showing off during the continental review, and who will be inevitable protagonists of the market that will come alive after the competition. One of the names that will be talked about a lot is that of the midfielder of the Italian national team Manuel Locatelli: his brother Mattia, interviewed by the microphones of Sky Sport, talked about his future: “It is a dream for Manuel and it is coming true, we who are him close we feel the same. I remember the first call-up with the national team, he called us crying. As we all dreamed of going to the national team, it was a great joy. Family united? A lot. We have even a few years of difference. We have always played together, in any place, even in the bedroom we could play football. And even if I often don’t tell him, he knows that I am there and it’s the same for me. I always see the enthusiasm and passion he put into it. passion. He still plays for passion, because he loves the game of football. “

“Juventino? Yes, it’s true. But I just hope Manuel is happy. I don’t ask him anything about the transfer market, especially in this period, he’s on the national team and he doesn’t think about it. The goal for Juve? The joy of seeing my brother score a goal. so important to such an important goalkeeper … he alleviated all sports pain. “

“I think the farewell to Milan was one of the saddest moments in my brother’s career. It’s not nice to hear something you didn’t expect. We’ve been close to him with messages, calls. For us it’s not Locatelli, it’s Manuel, he’s my brother. Even if he took this step backwards, and then took two steps forward, for us he is and always will be Manuel. He knows we’re there. The phone call? I don’t usually call him before the races, he doesn’t need it. The first time he returned to San Siro as an opponent was the last time I called him, I told him to play quietly. For him it will never be a match like this. The change? He often says so in interviews: yes realizing that in training he had to give his all, trust the coach. It was a spark in his head that led him to do this. Work always pays off. “

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Locatelli brother speaks Juventino doesnt market

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