State of emergency: tension on the extension. What changes and how long it can last – Politics

State of emergency: tension on the extension. What changes and how long it can last – Politics
State of emergency: tension on the extension. What changes and how long it can last – Politics

Rome, 16 June 2021 – Rumors and tensions, presumed or real, on the extension of the state of emergency. The current one expires on July 31 and was decided in April by the Draghi government. It was about two months ago, extension number four. The state of emergency was first requested in January 2020, at the dawn of Covid. After six months, in July, it was decided to extend it until October 15, then from there to January and from January to April. The previous extension, number 4 in fact, brought the deadline to next July 31st. And this will be the last available date to confirm the state of emergency directly from the Council of Ministers, without parliamentary passage. According to what has been filtered in the last few hours, Prime Minister Mario Draghi would be willing to seize this possibility, perhaps setting the next deadline of June 31st. But not all of the majority are with him.

“We have not yet talked to Draghi, but in my opinion there are no conditions for dragging the state of emergency – says the leader of the League today. Matteo Salvini -. I think it would be a good message, like saying the worst is over “, he adds Giorgia Meloni. The hypothesis of the extension “if confirmed, it would be crazy and that as Brothers of Italy sees us clearly opposed”, he says. But the Minister for Autonomies, Mariastella Gelmini, points out: “We would all like to avoid the State of Emergency, as an Italian I hope that we can do without it as soon as possible, but on the other hand we cannot take risks. The evaluation on the extension of the ‘State of Emergency’ will be made by the Government with the support of the technicians and the CTS: the extension must not be abused because they are special powers used only where strictly necessary, but the Delta variant must not be underestimated. An error that the Government will not make “.

What is the state of emergency

The state of emergency is an eventuality not foreseen by the Constitution, but regulated by the law 225 of 1992. It allows the Government and Civil Protection to have special powers, always in compliance with the limits set by the Charter. It is proclaimed “on the occurrence or imminence of natural disasters or events connected with human activity in Italy”. Typical examples are floods and earthquakes. During the state of emergency the Prime Minister can issue directives of the decrees, the so famous Dpcm which not only Conte, but also Draghi made use of. In this case, unlike decree laws, the signature of the President of the Republic is not required. Similarly, the Ministry of Health can issue ordinances, such as those that Speranza signed more or less every week for the color change. Power of ordinance is also extended to the Civil Protection. Also during the state of emergency, the government can block arrivals from foreign countries and give companies and employers the opportunity to encourage smart working.

How long can it last

The decree with which the state of emergency was proclaimed dates back to January 31, 2020: this condition can last 12 months and can be extended for a maximum of 12 months. Two years, then. (Source: article 24 paragraph 3 of the Civil Protection Code).

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