Delta variant in Lazio, D’Amato: “tripled tests”. And on vaccines: “From the 21st to the pediatrician”

Delta variant in Lazio, D’Amato: “tripled tests”. And on vaccines: “From the 21st to the pediatrician”
Delta variant in Lazio, D’Amato: “tripled tests”. And on vaccines: “From the 21st to the pediatrician”

The Delta variant? It will also arrive in LazioHe is convinced Alessio D’Amato, the councilor for health of Zingaretti.

A question of probability?

«Yes, it has already happened with the other mutations when they set foot in our country. In Lazio we have not yet recorded cases of this type, but if the variant has been found in Lombardy sooner or later we will find it again here. That’s why we decided to triple the samples to be sequenced, to track mutations. Before, the ASL sent about 4% of the swabs to the laboratory, now we exceed 10%, double the EU average. In addition to the tracing activity, to combat the new Covid strains it is essential that everyone complete the vaccination cycle “.

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And we come to the AstraZeneca case, to the mix with Pfizer for the recalls of the under 60s. Is it true that Lazio has asked the Ministry to be able to administer the second dose with the same type of serum?

«Let’s not get confused: we were the first to put into practice the indications of the Ministry of Health, changing the references with Pfizer or Moderna. But there is a theme: among those who have to take the second dose, 10%, under the age of 60, refuse the cross vaccination, especially in the 50-59 age group. Mostly school teachers, or university professors. We must give an answer to these people, we cannot leave them in limbo ».

What answer?

“There is a discrepancy between the circular of the Ministry of Health, which says that under 60s” must “be given a vaccine to Mrna such as Pfizer or Moderna as a booster, and the AIFA determines which instead says that” they can “inoculate these vaccines. We asked the government to clarify, without controversy, why no one is left behind. We think that in these cases it has to decide who treats, that is the doctor. Now we await the response from the Ministry. Also for Johnson & Johnson ».

A viral vector vaccine such as AstraZeneca. Other regions have banned the under 60s. Lazio?

“We have asked a question and we have just solicited an answer from the government. It is true that the structure of the vaccine is similar to that of AstraZeneca, but the latest AIFA report on adverse events also highlighted that Johnson & Johnson is the serum with the lowest rate of adverse reports ».

In the meantime, what information have you given to the local health authorities and pharmacies?

“The same as before: J&J is currently authorized for everyone aged 18 and over, for those under 60 there is only one recommendation, nothing binding”.

When will the injections leave the pediatricians?

“From the 21st in the studies, with 18 doses per week per clinic. In the meantime, this weekend we will repeat the “junior day”, with another 20 thousand Pfizer doses for the 12-16 range. At the end of this appointment, the adolescents will have had 40 thousand vaccines, we are the first region in Italy ».

Has the government released the doses that Lazio are missing?

“We have very good news, another 360 thousand Pfizer doses will arrive by the end of June, we are securing the campaign also for July”.

When will we be able to take off the masks outdoors?

«I have seen that France is already preparing to remove them in these days. Since our percentage of vaccinated people is higher than the French, I believe that this possibility can also be evaluated by us. It is of course up to the government. In any case, it is a matter of little: also in Italy what is happening in other countries, such as in Israel, will happen ”.

Wednesday June 16, 2021, 22:36


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