Denise Pipitone, do the words of the former prosecutor Angioni deserve less respect than the ‘sensations’ of mediums?

The statements of theex pm Maria Angioni that live on TV in the broadcast Italian stories revealed that he is certain that Denise Pipitone is alive, is married and also has a daughter.

The magistrate who dealt with the case of the little girl from Mazara del Vallo in the year following her disappearance, is today a labor judge in Sassari but, as I have already written in this blog, he is one of the few people who agreed to expose yourself, making public statements that contributed to the Marsala prosecutor’s decision to reopen the investigation into a case that has been unsolved for 17 years. Angioni, pursued by the presenter Eleonora Daniele, said she had reported all the information in her possession to the Prosecutor and Giacomo Frazzitta, lawyer of Piera Maggio, and is certain that Denise, now 21, lives outside Italy in a peaceful family context with a husband and a small child and is completely unaware that she was kidnapped when she was 4 years old.

After the statements of the magistrate, the reactions of the lawyer Frazzitta and the heated controversies from the media and public opinion, which follows the story with great interest also through social media, were not long in coming. Giacomo Frazzitta believes that the former prosecutor Angioni should have used more caution in providing detailed information which, in his opinion, could harm the investigation and he told the broadcaster Sicily 24h not to have received any document from the magistrate. Frazzitta added that, even if the material was sent to him “via WhatsApp”, he may have lost the messages because he receives many reports. But could a careful and responsible magistrate like Angioni really have sent delicate material and sensitive data to Piera Maggio’s lawyer using WhatsApp?

Some journalists, however, objected to Angioni for having shared publicly unverified information and to have been influenced by witnesses who in the past have boasted facts without any foundation but, also in this case, Angioni has kept to clarify that the documents in its possession they have nothing to do with the mythomaniac of Maghreb origins who for some time has been sending rather imaginative reconstructions to the experts. Even several users of social networks in these hours are reproaching Dr. Angioni for being too present on TV and for having provided this news only after 17 years, completely ignoring all the difficulties and obstacles that the former prosecutor has encountered from September 2004 to July 2005, when the investigations she led were polluted by misdirection attempts, omissions and errors also perpetrated by elements of the judicial police.

For what reason are you trying to discredit on Dr. Angioni and her words are underestimated, assuming that it is one of the umpteenth reports that turned out to be a hole in the water? If you have investigated the affair with so much fervor Olesya, the girl who during a questionable Russian TV broadcast had said to look for her biological parents, why shouldn’t a magistrate’s report that Denise Pipitone’s case know him very closely be taken seriously? Because many are scandalized by the statements of a magistrate who says he is certain that Denise is alive, married and a mother, and no one is scandalized by the headlines and the river articles in national newspapers about psychics who say they are sure that Denise is not will it ever be found or even be dead?

Perhaps there is no lack of respect for Piera Maggio, giving space to mediums and psychics who talk about “negative feelings“And suggest that parents put their souls in peace and suspend research? Based on what? Impressions that arose after looking at photos of people whose acts are not known, how can a magistrate who has investigated the case know them, but practically everything is ignored? There was perhaps no disrespect to Piera Maggio when it was decided to inspect the former home of Anna Corona in the presence of numerous television crews who rushed to Mazara for a torchlight procession, and the hypothesis that they were looking for the remains was even aired. Denise without telling mom first?

Because the only person towards whom we must have respect and caution is precisely Piera Maggio, Denise’s mother, who for 17 years has been desperately looking for her daughter and looking for her alive, has recently written on her social profiles that the pain has not yet gotten used to it. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Marsala will verify whether the report of Dr. Angioni will prove to be true or not, but it is still a report that deserves to be taken into consideration as much as those that have reached the investigators in all these years.

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