The Cav: yes to the single party. And register two brands. But Salvini now brakes

The Cav: yes to the single party. And register two brands. But Salvini now brakes
The Cav: yes to the single party. And register two brands. But Salvini now brakes

Silvio Berlusconi believes in the “single party of the center-right”, he launched it two years ago, in the aftermath of the European elections, then during the summit via zoom with the big Italians of the party. Now he repeated it during the meeting with the Italian MEPs. But the founder of Forza Italia did more: in the past he had registered the “Centro-Destra” and “Centro-Destra Regno” brands. Attention is above all to the second diction, because the acronym, which would become the acronym of the new party, is CDU, which immediately recalls Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

The horizon of the vote remains 2023, as Matteo Salvini has once again confirmed. Even if the strong skepticism of the Brothers of Italy remains, Berlusconi has insisted a lot on the issue, showing himself optimistic with his MEPs: “Giorgia Meloni is now struggling to accept the single party but in the future she will accept it”. Salvini, for his part, in Tonight Italy on Rete4 invites us to go slowly: «It’s one thing to federate, it’s another to mix parties overnight. The Italians don’t ask us for games but facts ». It is also a problem of different political perspectives. While Salvini and Meloni are clearly contending for leadership between Lega and Forza Italia, as well as between them, Berlusconi is thinking on the one hand to restore visibility to Forza Italia and on the other hand to a future in which distances converge. On the other hand, among the “little games” Salvini talks about, there is the fear that Forza Italia will actually up the ante to keep its hands free and regain consent. But the project, albeit gradually, goes on.

According to the forecasts of sources close to Cavaliere, the Lega Forza Italia federation in Parliament will soon make its debut, albeit in a soft way, with coordination of the groups through a single spokesperson. For Forza Italia it is a way not to tear away from that part of the party perplexed by the project, including the ministers Mariastella Gelmini and Mara Carfagna. But the Knight for the future thinks of “a single party” that changes “the paradigm of Italian politics”. A mini revolution in which he imagines he can be the founding father.

Berlusconi’s projects, since their origins in 1994, have one of their peculiarities in merging different experiences and cultures. Among the reference models cited in Strasbourg, the British Tories and French Republicans were also discussed: a sort of objection to those in Fdi (for example, but not only Ignazio La Russa) who fear a revival of the PDL, which did not end well for anyone. of member parties.

At the moment the classic positioning in the Ppe is fundamental. Italian senator Maria Rizzotti was elected vice president of the group in the Council of Europe. Forza Italia also registered three entries in Strasbourg, new acquisitions for the European People’s Party. «I welcomed Isabella Adinolfi, Andrea Caroppo and Lucia Vuolo, who have chosen to make a contribution to our Italian delegation. I am sure that in Forza Italia and in the EPP group in the European Parliament they will feel at home »said the president of Forza Italia.

Adinolfi left the 5 stars, Lucia Vuolo the League to join the EPP only at a later time, and so Andrea Caroppo who had announced his membership a month ago. A strengthening of the EPP which in recent times the 5S of Luigi Maio and increasingly wider sectors of the League, not just Giorgettians, have not hidden the desire to approach and belong to.

Salvini has never made a secret of also thinking of a different grouping. But that’s a whole other story.

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