Rome transfer market, Sergio Ramos bomb: “He will sign a biennial”

Calciomercato Roma, while much of the media world is rightly focused on the 90 minutes of Italy-Switzerland, a sensational negotiation is emerging in the capital.

José Mourinho (Getty Images)

There have been many indiscretions in recent weeks relating to the names approached by José’s new team Mourinho. The latter would have called many players to convince them to accept his new team and the next few hours could bear the first fruits.

The Portuguese has not yet arrived in the capital but is managing from a distance, in tune with Pinto, this is his first signing campaign as a member of Roma. Aware of not being able to make sensational requests, it will try to adapt this year to the limited economic resources of the Friedkin.

This does not mean that in Trigoria you do not want to reinforce the team. Rather, we will try to eliminate the many weights present in the squad and then invest in a thoughtful and intelligent way. The priorities are that of the goalkeeper and the center forward but the fact remains that they are sniffing out important opportunities.

The questions Donnarumma, Aguero and Depay they testified how this transfer campaign will also be characterized by important movements of free players. Among these is also Sergio Ramos.

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Rome transfer market, “Sergio Ramos will sign a biennial”

The news of the evening concerns the tweet of the Real Madrid who, after many rumors, has officially announced that his captain, Sergio Ramos, will not renew with You meringues.

His contract is due to expire on June 30th and this will actually allow him to sign with whomever he prefers, without having to take into account the company that has held the card in recent years.

The name of the Iberian power plant had already been compared to Rome last week when there was talk of a first contact with Mourinho. After the official farewell to Real, what seemed utopian rumors are slowly materializing.

In particular, we note the announcement of the Neapolitan journalist Paola Rendina. The latter underlined how the Spaniard seems close to signing a biennial with the Capitoline.

However, this is news that, as emerges from the tweet itself, is still to be confirmed.

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