Katia Ricciarelli is the new “lady of rap”: “Whoever arrives in Italy must respect our rules”

Katia Ricciarelli is the new “lady of rap”: “Whoever arrives in Italy must respect our rules”
Katia Ricciarelli is the new “lady of rap”: “Whoever arrives in Italy must respect our rules”

He jokes about it Katia Ricciarelli on the nickname of “rap lady”, With the sympathy that distinguishes it and the firmness of those who always say what they think. Undisputed lady of bel canto opera, excellent actress and perhaps next competitor of Big Brother Vip, summer 2021 sees her as the protagonist of a record Tonight My Love, with DJ Jad & Wlady and Chile. An unexpected choice that is perfectly in keeping with the character of a curious woman who, as she says in this interview “it can never ever stay still”.

How did this collaboration with DJ Jad & Wlady start?

“How things sometimes arise, by chance. This request was made to me and I thought about it. It amused me and in the end I accepted ”.

It is not the first time that she has dedicated herself to singing in a different capacity from the one we are used to seeing her …

“Not quite at this level but I’ve done several things with various singers. A collaboration with Amedeo Minghi on the record The Scent of Time, O l’Habanera from Carmen reworked in a rock key by Andrea Mingardi. I still remember theAve Maria di Shubert in sacred and profane version. I also participated in The Masked Singer where I also sang pieces by Achille Lauro. In short, I indulged myself. As I said before, not at the level of this piece, but I’ve always been very curious to experiment ”.

Orietta Berti also did a featuring with Fedez and Achille Lauro, did you hear?

“We didn’t have a chance. Unlike me, she still makes pop music, for me it wasn’t really a novelty “.

In fact she is the lady of opera her way of singing is very far from that of rap …

“At this point in my life I think I don’t have to prove anything to anyone for everything I’ve done in my career. Sometimes it’s nice to make choices that are also good for the spirit. As I said I am a curious person and I think that all music is beautiful, you just need to do it professionally. However, I received appreciation from many people who understood the spirit with which I participated in the project, in a nice and ironic way. I didn’t pose as the queen of rap ”.

Changing the subject, she has been very exposed regarding vaccinations. What do you think of the current situation?

“I am very happy I got the vaccine and I recommend everyone to do it. I find the deniers’ speeches absurd. I once happened to hear a taxi driver who insisted a lot that he would never get vaccinated. I think it’s a serious thing that those in contact with the public don’t do it. We should declare it first, or change jobs “.

Did you follow the story of the 18-year-old disappeared after being vaccinated with Astrazeneca?

“I think that poor girl had some pathology that was incompatible with the vaccine, which led her to this tragic conclusion. This, however, should have been known before, but it also depends on us. We have a duty to inform ourselves and not only by listening to doctors or virologists on TV, but simply by our general practitioner who knows us well and can advise us best. One cannot be uninformed about these things. I continue to insist that it is important to get vaccinated and do it in the right way and with the right vaccine ”.

Remaining on topicality, never as in this period we talk about violence against women, in your opinion what is happening to men?

“This is a very difficult question to answer. I believe that violence has always existed, even if now we have reached a tragic, unsustainable and intolerable point. I don’t understand what’s going on in people’s heads. Trivially, two people who are unable to be together should separate, but here we are not talking about such simple things, but about real pathologies. Obviously, the pandemic has certainly not helped in all this. Living side by side all day with the lack of space and with a virus that we didn’t know what it was and behaved like a monster was a very tough test. Many people have had discomfort for this reason and for the ensuing consequences. For example, I am talking about the economic problem that should not be underestimated, there are people who cannot feed their families, and it is a terrible thing “.

How did you go through the lockdow period?

“Alone with my little dog Ciuffy, in a small but very cozy house. I used to go out at six in the morning to take her for a walk along the lake and this helped me a lot. However, not everyone has had this luck. Even after three months I couldn’t take it anymore. What I missed a lot was work. Luckily I did the broadcast Me and you with Pierluigi Diaco on Rai, and in this sense I almost felt like a miracle worker ”.

Returning to the subject of violence, don’t you think that the new generations of men are more fragile, perhaps unable to manage separations?

“I can’t say for sure. I lived with a man for 18 years and then we separated. We did not have a tense atmosphere with him, which is why it is difficult for me to answer this question. What is clear to everyone is that lately there is a spread of violence that is frightening and affects not only women, but often also children ”.

One of the most striking cases of the moment is that of Saman, the girl probably killed by one of her family members because she did not want to accept an arranged marriage, what do you think?

“I followed the story but there it is a religious question. The girl had grown up in Italy and had absorbed our culture. His only fault was that of wanting to live in a normal and free way ”.

But her family also lived in Italy, maybe they didn’t integrate?

“People of a certain age hardly adapt. They go on with their religion and their beliefs so much so that immediately after the girl’s disappearance they left Italy. What I don’t understand is that when I go to their countries I comply with the rules, I don’t do what they do, but I try to respect. But when they come to ours, they don’t. This scares me because if we go on like this we no longer live. It is intolerable that these people have used such violence on their own daughter. “.

You also spoke of uncontrolled immigration, could this also be the reason?

“This is the crux of the matter, in my opinion if you decide to send someone to Italy you have to put them in a position to live and work in a quiet way, but also to respect our rules”.

Going back to lighter topics, what other projects do you have besides the disc with Dj Jad?

“Mainly I’m dealing a lot with young people, trying to guide them in the world of melodrama. Here too we have a crazy generation gap. If you go to the theater you always find the same people and there is no mention of boys. Instead, we should educate them in what, as I say, is a 100% Made in Italy product since 1600. We must respect and love it because the whole world envies it, and we must ensure that young people do not go abroad. Here in Italy they are not considered as they should be ”.

Do you plan to go back to the cinema too?

“There are projects we are developing. Cinema has been one more thing in my career, which I have done with professionalism and professionals and from which I have obtained excellent results. I’m thinking of a film about my life that doesn’t just talk about my career, but also about my private life ”.

The participation in the Big Brother that everyone is talking about?

“There is nothing certain either on my part or on the part of the production. It is something that we are evaluating, so I don’t want to go too far, because nothing is certain yet ”.

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