US-Russia Summit opens “glimmer of confidence”. Ironic Putin on rights: “Is Guantanamo still open?”. Biden: “No to the new Cold War”

The summit between Joe Biden e Vladimir Putin in the library of Villa La Grange a Geneva. A historic meeting, awaited for months, especially since, last March, the President Usa he defined the Russian counterpart a “killer” by means of an interview. At the end of the summit, the two leaders decided to hold separate press conferences. But the balance of both is positive. “The meeting with Biden it was constructive. There can be no trust that lasts forever but there is a glimmer of trust, ”he said Putin, while the president Usa he defined the summit as “good and positive”, with “disagreements but not friction”, underlining that “another War Cold it would not be in anyone’s interest ”and that“ there is a genuine prospect of significantly improving relationships ”.

Washington e Moscow they agreed to start consultations on cyber security – an issue that remains largely divisive – and they have found an agreement for the return of the respective ambasciatori a Moscow e Washington. A signal that indicates the will to normalize relations. The Russian ambassador to the USA, Anatoly Antonov, and the US ambassador in Russia, John Sullivan, they had in fact been recalled home several months ago due to diplomatic tensions between the two countries. Even human rights, however, remain the subject of confrontation and the US reiterates “they will always be on the table”. On a joint note, the two leader however, they reaffirmed “the principle according to which a war nuclear it cannot be won and must never be fought ”, recalling that“ in the near future ”they will initiate“ a dialogue bilateral integrated on strategic stability that will be robust “.

Putin’s statements – The theme of the cybersecurity still remains largely divisive, and the Russian leader takes the opportunity to point out that “most” of the cyber attacks “They come from States United“. The Home Bianca had anticipated, before today’s summit, that Biden allegedly raised the issue with his Russian counterpart, especially after recent cyber attacks on US companies and infrastructure. And the statements made by John Demers, in charge of national security at the US justice department, recall how the rift between the two countries on the issue still exists deep. “There is a lot activities of this type that comes from Russian borders – he said referring to the hacker attacks -, which is not conducted by Russian government leaders but which is tolerated by the Russian government “, he said in a press conference to Washington.

As for the issue of human rights, instead, to a question on the detention of the opponent Alexei Navalny, Putin, replying that “he violated the law”, threw the ball on the American field. “Guantanamo it is still open, and does not correspond to international human rights standards or the laws of States United. What human rights are we talking about? In Europe there were prisons where yes tortured. In Russia we are developing our path “. Putin he therefore rejected the criticisms, condemning the States United for gun violence and attacks with i drones. And at that point he asked reporters at a press conference: “Who is the killer? ”, Remembering the nickname he had been called by Biden. There was no shortage of praise for the American president: the leader of Kremlin he called him “a person of great experience”, underlining that the face to face with the US president lasted two hours. “You don’t have such long conversations with all leaders,” he continued, pointing out that Biden “Is very different from the president Trump“.

As for the “concerns about the militarization” of the Arctic, the Russian leader said that they are “unjustified, we have not done anything new, we have only restored structures existing“. In fact, Russia demands a right of control over the waters that flow from the Siberian port of Yamal to the Bering Strait in China and it requires ships to ask for its permission for transit, effectively limiting access and freedom of navigation. The US is not watching in this match and after accusing Moscow to “militarize” the Arctic, they deployed for the first time four B-1 bombers and 200 military in Norway, in the basis of Orland. For the Biden Administration, commercial and safety issues intersect with environmental commitment, in one of the most delicate areas on the planet.

Biden’s statements – After the press conference of Putin, has begun that of Biden. “It’s important to meet in person so that they aren’t there misunderstandings on what I want to communicate. The tone of the whole meeting was good, positive, there were no jarring actions ”, declared the American president. TO Putin clarified that “my agenda is not against the Russia, it’s for Americans, ”adding that to the leader russo he said that “there are basic rules that must be respected”. For the American president “we share responsibilities”, he continued, and our relations “must be stable and predictable”, adding that Washington e Moscow “They must be able to cooperate”. Biden he insisted on the issue of human rights, which “are part of the DNA of the States United. I told to Putin which will always be on the table ”for comparison. “We will continue to raise issues for cases such as Alexei Navalny and all issues related to human rights ”. Therefore, he continued, “we will not tolerate violations of democratic rights and we will respond”. To Putin, Biden – following the cyberattacks that occurred in the Usa – gave “a list of 16 critical infrastructures” which must not be affected in any way, specifying that Putin He “knows we will act” if there are cyberattacks or interference on the elections. He then expressed “our unwavering support for the sovereignty of Ukraine”.

The arrival at the summit – Upon arrival Biden appeared smiling and relaxed, the leader of the Kremlin more tense and austere upon arrival. Alongside the two, the respective heads of diplomacy, Antony Blink e Sergei Lavrov. There were many issues on the negotiating table: many represent points of conflict, for example human rights and chance Navalny, some may instead see a convergence of interests. And their respective delegations they seem interested in focusing on these. Anti-proliferation nuclear and arms control is undoubtedly the dossier where an agreement could most easily be found.

After the photo opportunity, Biden e Putin – who shook hands in contravention of the anti-Covid rules – exchanged very few words of circumstance, then remained silent for a long time. “Always better to meet face to face“He said Biden a Putin, who before the start of the negotiations said: “There are many issues that have accumulated, I hope ours meeting be productive today ”. The two leaders sit behind their respective flags, Biden with your legs crossed, unlike Putin (who does not have this habit). The two are divided by an old man globe which appears to take on a symbolic meaning at this summit in which many decisive dossiers for the future of the planet are discussed. The seat of the summit one library which contains a rich book collection, including ancient volumes.

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