“The story between Giulia and Pierpaolo? I was skeptical, but .. “

“The story between Giulia and Pierpaolo? I was skeptical, but .. “
“The story between Giulia and Pierpaolo? I was skeptical, but .. “

Also during the long interview with the weekly Chi, the former shipwreck of the‘Isola 15 Fariba Tehrani, after sharing his experience in Honduras with his fellow adventurers, returned to talk about her relationship with her daughter Giulia Salemi, which a few years ago had cracked.

Fariba she first revealed whether after divorce from her husband – the father of Giulia – she was more able to fall in love, before focusing on the bond with her daughter:

I didn’t fall in love anymore, I only had a short and meaningless affair, but then I had Giulia to grow up and I dedicated all my love to her. The world is strange: young people like “milfs”, big men like little girls.

And he continued:

Two years ago, when Giulia she told me that she was no longer a child and she also wanted to make mistakes but alone, I let her take flight. I am no longer her hen, I have a lot of love that I used to give to her and now I don’t know who to give it to, she is exploding inside me.

The former castaway then talked about how the relationship with Giulia after the first GF VIP, and he did it with these words:

Two years ago there was a misunderstanding between us because I tried to warn her about certain things that I imagined how they would turn out and she walked away from me. Then, when things went as I said, I supported her and our relationship became stronger.

After various sentimental vicissitudes, now Giulia is happy next to Pierpaolo Pretelli that he met during the last edition of GF VIP; about Fariba he confided to the weekly how he sees the link between Giulia and the former gieffino:

At first I was skeptical, but then I saw that he is a good guy: he does not want to excel, he is not a rival. And then they are very happy and very similar.

Finally, Fariba he wanted to have his say on friendship, shipwrecked inside the house of the Gf, between Giulia e Tommaso Zorzi:

Giulia has always spoken very highly of Tommaso, he had an exaggerated love, as if he were his brother. And when I saw that this feeling wasn’t mutual, I was upset. I hope their friendship will return as before, if the feeling of Tommaso It is the same as Giulia, otherwise better not.

And what do you think of the words that Fariba he spent on Giulia?

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