bulletin today June 16, 2021. The news

bulletin today June 16, 2021. The news
bulletin today June 16, 2021. The news

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June 16, 2021 5:38 pm

There are 143 new cases of coronavirus in Lazio today, Wednesday 16 June. A figure that remains stable compared to the last few days, the result of over 26 thousand tests throughout the region of which more than 11 thousand molecular and (+1.321) and over 14 thousand antigenic. The ratio between positives and buffers is 1.2%, but drops to 0.5 if antigenic substances are also considered.

The data that take the picture of the current situation were released by the Regional Health Department: in the past 24 hours there were 11 deaths, two fewer than yesterday, 390 instead recovered. The number of hospitalized in the non-critical area wards of the Lazio structures falls below 400 (they are 382, ​​38 less than yesterday), while the intensive care units employed are currently 85 (5 less in 24 hours).

Coornavirus Lazio: infections by province

Of the 143 total cases, about a third are concentrated in the province of Rome (100), and 65 have been registered only in the capital; 43 were found in the other four provinces, of which 27 only in the Pontine territory. In the past 24 in the province of Frosinone there have been 15 more infections, only one in that of Viterbo and none, finally, in that of Rieti. As for the deaths, one was registered in the province of Latina, all the others in that of Rome.

Coronavirus Latina: today’s bulletin June 16

Coronavirus Lazio: the bulletin of June 16

The general picture is updated throughout Lazio which has almost 345 thousand total infections since the beginning of the pandemic; over 330 thousand people healed, 8292 dead. To date, the current positives are just over 5200, of which 4767 are being treated at home, the remaining, however, require hospitalization.

The vaccination campaign

“The vaccination campaign is proceeding regularly and with serenity; in the hubs everything is going well ”: Councilor D’Amato takes stock of vaccinations. Yesterday 64,541 administrations were carried out “above the assigned target and with a weekly average of + 15%. Today we reach 4.4 million total administrations and we exceed 1,550,000 second doses ”. Meanwhile, we remind you that over the weekend there will be the second appointment with the Junior Open Week, at the end of which 40 thousand young people between 12 and 16 years old will have received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Coronavirus: the other news

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