“We can no longer enter our house”. Selargius, the anger of a family

“This is my home. Where is the State? “In via Delle Ginestre 52, in Selargius, rights and obligations clash.
On the one hand there are two legitimate owners, Manuela Sollai, 33 years old and two children, and her father Leonardo, who claim the right to enter their home, on the other a green gate closed by the eviction block ordered by the Government.
“This is how criminals are protected. It’s a shame”, the young woman has been repeating for over a year. Exactly since February last year when he filed a complaint followed by the eviction imposed on the Nigerian who lives in the disputed apartment.
Behind a lease contract signed by the great-grandfather on the verge of death with a tenant who does not want to leave the house, where, moreover, several crimes have been committed.
“We are talking about a person arrested on charges of mafia-type association, trafficking in human beings aggravated by the exploitation of prostitution, drug trafficking and the seizure of money and drugs”, reads the complaint.
One of the many documents to which was added the request for urgent intervention sent to the prefect signed by the mayor of Selargius Gigi Concu, “in order to resolve this situation of illegality of which the police are aware, which seriously risk and is a source of potential danger and concern for the various families residing in the area “.
Manuela and her father await justice, they demand it in front of that green gate where the cameras of the Rete 4 broadcast “Out of the Choir” have also arrived, which has brought one of the many stories of those who claim their rights to the national limelight.


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