Street artist Laika denounces Zaki’s detention

Street artist Laika denounces Zaki’s detention
Street artist Laika denounces Zaki’s detention

This morning in Rome, in via Salaria, near the entrance to the Egyptian embassy, ​​a new poster by the street artist Laika was posted.

The work, entitled “Don’t visit Egypt”, is a reinterpretation of an old Egyptian poster that promotes tourism: in the background you can see the shadow of a soldier beating a person. Above, the writing “45 days special offer” is shown, a clear reference to the case of Patrick Zaki, imprisoned in Egyptian prisons since February 2020 and still awaiting trial, which is returned to him every 45 days, effectively condemning him to a penalty never imposed by any judge.

“Today Patrick turns 30. The last year and a half he spent as a prisoner, serving an inhuman sentence, in an agony timed by the hearings that every 45 days postpone the start of the trial. We recall that Zaki is accused of threatening the national security, incitement to illegal protests, subversion, spreading false news and propaganda for terrorism – all this just for having written a few posts on Facebook.
It is unacceptable that such a situation is tolerated, that Italy, after the murder of Giulio Regeni, with all that is happening to Patrick and knowing of the continuous human rights violations taking place in Egypt, continue to have political and economic relations with this state.
My provocative invitation is therefore (if restrictions were to be relaxed) not to go on vacation to Egypt, in order not to be, at least we, ordinary citizens, accomplices of that regime “, declared Laika.

Source: Francesca Polici – Gargiulo & Polici Communication


Street artist Laika denounces Zakis detention

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