Ciociaria, No victims and 15 cases. Cassino Covid free hospital

Ciociaria, No victims and 15 cases. Cassino Covid free hospital
Ciociaria, No victims and 15 cases. Cassino Covid free hospital

15 new positives in the last 24 hours in Ciociaria on 720 swabs carried out in the province of Frosinone. The negativized are 30. And even today the most comforting data is that relating to deaths: zero. With today, we are eight days without casualties.

The situation in the municipalities
Cassino records four more positives. San Vittore del Lazio three. Two new cases in Arce and Monte San Giovanni Campano. Only one new positive in Alatri, Cervaro, Piedimonte San Germano and Pontecorvo.

Comparison with yesterday
Yesterday 5 new cases out of 667 swabs. The positivity rate is 0.74%. A contagion in each of these
Municipalities: Alatri, Ceccano, Frosinone, Pontecorvo, Sora. And there are also 12 healed. Even yesterday zero deaths.

Santa Scolastica hospital becomes Covid free
Today, Wednesday 16 June, there are no hospitalized patients in the intensive care unit of the Cassino hospital. Santa Scolastica hospital becomes Covid free.

There were two ICU patients left: one was discharged yesterday and went home, the other left the ICU this morning and will spend a few days in the medical department to fully recover.

“It is a great emotion. After so many months of suffering, seeing the last two patients leave my ward is really a great joy – comments Dr. Manuela Callegaro, Head of Intensive Care at the Cassino Hospital – The last discharge today it is a great emotional gift for all of us health workers. “

The Management of the ASL thanks all the professionals of the Cassino hospital for the enormous work done and special thanks to the infectious diseases professionals of the Spaziani di Frosinone who will continue to welcome Covid patients from all over the province of Frosinone.


Ciociaria victims cases Cassino Covid free hospital

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