Draghi, hypothesis of extension of the state of emergency beyond 31 July. Salvini: “There are no conditions for renewal”

Draghi, hypothesis of extension of the state of emergency beyond 31 July. Salvini: “There are no conditions for renewal”
Draghi, hypothesis of extension of the state of emergency beyond 31 July. Salvini: “There are no conditions for renewal”

It state of emergency can’t finish the July 31. The journalistic rumors circulated in the last few hours speak of a Mario Draghi decided to extend it until December, despite the openings of some of his ministers, from Mariastella Gelmini a Roberto Speranza, which in the past weeks had hoped for a non-renewal. Deciding to give up the state of emergency from the end of July, with the vaccination campaign still in full swing and herd immunity still far away, would in fact mean depriving the executive of the possibility of taking any extraordinary measure in the event of a new increase in contagion. Not only that, all those structures should be dismantled and the ad hoc figures for the emergency management, from the Scientific technical committee to that of the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, which could only be restored through ad hoc regulatory solutions. It would also be impossible to impose the use of masks and respect for distancing which, without a state of emergency, would be considered violations of individual freedom. But the solution doesn’t like it League, with Matteo Salvini who has already made it known that “there are no prerequisites to drag the state of emergency “.

Gives Palazzo Chigi it transpires that the forward flight of some members of the government is not liked. First of all that of Speranza, generally cautious about lightening the anti-Covid restrictions, but who in recent days had hoped for a non-renewal of the state of emergency “To give a positive signal to the country”. A position in contrast, however, with the will of the Minister of Health, according to what he writes The truth, in any case to keep structures such as the CTS or the figure of Commissioner Figliuolo standing.

The controversy over the state of emergency therefore reappears 365 days after the last clash between the government, then led by Giuseppe Conte, and the oppositions. On that occasion, Salvini and Meloni, in opposition, spoke of “Liberticidal drift”, asking for the extension to be stopped given the decline in infections. The then prime minister instead decided on a renewal until 15 October: not doing so, he explained, would cause “a shutdown of the protection system built in these difficult months. It’s about a forced choice based on technical reasons “. And he added that there should be “no confusion in front of the population, there is someone who has been convinced that the extension of the state of emergency means a return to lockdown, that’s not the case at all ”.

It remains to be understood how long a possible extension by the government will go on in time, even if from what transpires it seems that the intention is to bring the deadline to end of the year, given that the variants, in particular that Delta widespread in England, worry, with a vaccination campaign still underway and far from over. Without forgetting that it will be necessary to resolve the question of recalls of AstraZeneca ai under 60 which could cause further delays, also because there is still discussion about the mandatory second dose with a different drug.

Within the government, however, there is no unity on the extension of the state of emergency and the first to expose himself was Salvini: “We have not yet talked to Draghi, but in my opinion there are no conditions to drag the state of emergency. I think it would be a nice message, how to say the worst is over“, commented. And he then justified his position with the data of the vaccination plan: “We are at 95% vaccination coverage for the over 80, the frail are all sheltered, from 60 years upwards there are 3 million Italians discovered. I am for free choice“. In fact, on the boys he argues that “caution is needed before mass administrations and open days”.

The clearer position of Giorgia Meloni: “We learn from the press that the Draghi government is thinking of an extension of the state of emergency to 31 December 2021. A hypothesis that, if confirmed, would be crazy woman and that how Brothers of Italy he sees us clearly opposed. A year and a half after the outbreak of the epidemic, it is no longer acceptable that the most elementary rules of democracy and the principles of the rule of law such as freedom of movement and business can be trampled on or violated by the government in the name of the emergency. 2021 must be the year of return to normal. Our legal system is able to manage the pandemic with the ordinary powers and instruments it already has, in compliance with the Constitution and the prerogatives of Parliament ”.

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