Now the Pope is “surrounded” on communion with the US president

Now the Pope is “surrounded” on communion with the US president
Now the Pope is “surrounded” on communion with the US president

They say the president Joe Biden is not about to meet Pope Francis, but that the Vatican has nevertheless decided to extend a hand in support of the head of the White House. If it depended on certain US bishops, Joe Biden would not be entitled to the Communion. The Dem leader is, in fact, an open supporter of abortion. That would be enough for the extremists of the doctrine to prohibit the granting of that sacrament which is so central to the Catholic faith.

Conservative Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke had considered the matter in unsuspected times, that is, when he was still in the electoral campaign. For the conservatives – including Burke – there is not too much to discuss: you can not ignore it. In other words, one cannot avoid noting the anti-Catholic positions of this or that leader. Then Biden won the presidential elections, and with the first measures he showed that he would not have paid too much attention to the idealistic inclinations of the traditionalists. The policies pro life license plates Donald Trump? Unhinge. It was just the beginning. During these days, the US president is pushing for the American Senate to approve the Equality Act, which the stars and stripes bishops see as smoke in the eyes. The debate, also due to the space reserved for the question since New York Times, goes crazy. The climate is in some ways similar, albeit with due distinctions, to what one breathes in Italy on the Ddl Zan.

The American Bishops’ Conference wrote it in black and white on its institutional website:“Although this is a worthy purpose (to fight gender discrimination, ed), the Equality Act does not serve it. And instead of respecting differences in beliefs about marriage and sexuality, the Equality Act discriminates against people of faith precisely because of those religious or cultural principles. ” This is just the latest chapter in a rust created since the inauguration, with Biden’s first choices not meeting the expectations of the attentive American bishops. Then the prelates met within an ad hoc commission. A body through which to monitor the moves of Biden. One of the latest is the Equality Act, which is placed in the legal field of what Ratzingerians are concerned with calling “new rights”.

As has often happened in recent years, Catholics are divided into two fronts: those who think like the archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez, who is a bit of a leader, and those who lean towards the archbishop Wilton Gregory, a clergyman Bergoglio recently made a cardinal. Too easy to give Gomez the conservative and Gregory the progressive: the nuances are subtle. There are certainly different sensitivities. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, however it may be, has pronounced itself. And he certainly did not do it without heeding the Pope’s directives.

Cardinal Louis Ladaria, as he reported Aska News, has put a stop to the intentions of Gomez and the other bishops who are speculating to intervene on Biden’s right to the sacrament of communion. Inside this passage, on closer inspection, there is the hand extended by the Vatican in favor of a president who, at least in intentions, should have led to a return to full dialogue between the Holy See and the United States, after the era of diplomatic bilateralism of the former republican tycoon. So will Biden be denied communion? There are elements to assert the opposite. The choice would be too cumbersome. And the Catholic Church would prove to be not very “merciful”, as is instead foreseen by the Pope’s approach and his pastoral ministry.

The fact is that with Joe Biden Catholicism should have returned to the White House after the time Kennedy. However, religious pluralism, which is also Catholic, has made it possible over time for a candidate for president, later Commander in Chief, to call himself Catholic despite supporting the lawfulness of abortion. Some call it inconsistency. Others see signs of the times and of secularization. Ultimately, it changes little. Because from Rome they have already dictated the line. And the line of Rome, that is, that of the Pope, at least until the heralded return of the national Churches, is what counts.

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