“Now it’s of interest.” Identified in 29 countries

“Now it’s of interest.” Identified in 29 countries
“Now it’s of interest.” Identified in 29 countries

And now check the Lambda variant, the Sars-Cov-2 mutation first identified in Peru in August 2020 and present in several Latin American countries. For theWHO it’s a «variant of interest». This was announced by the World Health Organization in the weekly epidemiological update.

Lambda, which has been monitored for some time, has been associated with substantial rates of community transmission in multiple countries, with a prevalence increasing over time in conjunction with the increased incidence of Covid-19.

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As of June 15, the variant was identified in 29 countries, with greater circulation in Latin America, in particular Chile (31% overall prevalence), Peru (9%), Ecuador (8%) and Argentina (3%). According to Peruvian authorities, WHO reports, 81% of Covid-19 cases diagnosed since last April in the country are associated with the Lambda strain. According to the world organization, which analyzed the epidemiological behavior of the strain, this virus has a «potential increase in transmissibility and resistance to neutralizing antibodies».

The variants are now changing names: the Lambda strain has been defined on the basis of the recent WHO decision to attribute Greek letters to designate the variants themselves, without stigmatizing the countries in which they are detected for the first time.

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