Milan, Mariani meets Sala: “But let’s continue to build the alternative”

Milan, Mariani meets Sala: “But let’s continue to build the alternative”

A meeting between the mayor took place this morning at Palazzo Marino Beppe Sala, Gabriele Mariani candidate of Milan in the Municipality and Environmentalist Civic and Basilio Rizzo Municipal Councilor. Mariani himself makes it known. In the interview Rizzo and Mariani, invited by the mayor, highlighted how the urban transformations made up to now in the central areas have aggravated the conditions of the suburbs and accentuated inequalities.

“We expressed our concern to Mayor Sala for the serious social and employment crisis affecting the poorer classes and workers in an increasingly expensive and unequal city – declare Rizzo and Mariani – Faced with the turmoil around luxury construction, there is the paradox that the only unforeseen houses are those with popular economic housing. We also reported the strong criticism and our opposition and that of the many environmental and civic committees to the choices made by the Administration, from the consumption of soil, to the desire not to oppose the construction of the new San Siro stadium, to the planned program agreement. on the railway yards, to the real participation denied to the citizens regarding the plans and other projects (Loreto, Goccia, Santa Giulia etc …) that have upset and will upset the city. Thanks for the invitation, let’s continue to build the alternative “.


Milan Mariani meets Sala lets continue build alternative

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