Easter in the red zone, today’s rules in Milan for visits to friends and relatives and lunches

Easter in the red zone, today’s rules in Milan for visits to friends and relatives and lunches
Easter in the red zone, today’s rules in Milan for visits to friends and relatives and lunches

Easter Sunday in the red zone for Milan and all of Lombardy. Today, April 4, the region – like the rest of Italy – is in fact in the highest risk range for the coronavirus emergency following the decision of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government to try to contain the potential increase in infections.

Bars and restaurants are closed: lunches outside will therefore not be possible. The premises will be able to work only with take-away until 6 pm – or until 10 pm for rooms with kitchens – and with home deliveries without time limits.

All shops are also closed, while supermarkets, pharmacies, newsagents and tobacconists remain open. Today the shopping centers are also closed.

Easter lunch at the home of friends and relatives

The derogation for visits to the homes of friends and relatives is in force. In fact, even on Easter Sunday only one visit to the home of friends or relatives is allowed within the region to no more than two adults, while children under 14 are not considered in the count.

The move must in any case take place between 5 and 22, because the curfew will remain in force at the same times as always: it will therefore be possible to have lunch at Easter at the home of friends and relatives, but respecting the time within which to return, even if it is it is not recommended to meet family members and non-cohabiting people.

Second homes and picnics at Easter

It is then possible to leave your home only for reasons of work, health and absolute necessity, as well as for visits to family and friends. The movements, in case of control by the police, will be justified with self-certification. Outdoor picnics in the parks, which will be monitored, and trips outside the city are therefore basically prohibited.

It remains possible to reach one’s second home – but only to the owner’s cohabiting family unit -, while the ban on leaving Lombardy remains in force except for one of the three now usual reasons. Precisely for Easter day, checks are announced on the roads leading out of Milan and outside the region: in the event of a check, the reason for the move – possible only for work, necessity and health or for visiting friends and relatives, but this last only in the borders of Lombardy – it will be justified with self-declaration.

Easter Mass

At Easter it will be possible to go to mass, always carrying the self-certification, and opting for the churches close to one’s residence or home. In any case, admissions to the church will always be limited, as, of course, it will be mandatory to wear a mask and respect the safety distance. The exchange of a peace sign for health reasons is replaced by a bow made by looking into each other’s eyes.

For the Easter rites, the CEI invited the faithful to participate in the celebration in presence in strict compliance with the anti-contagion rules. However, streaming is recommended for the elderly and people most at risk.

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