Milan, the condominium dispute ends with an ax. And weapons of war spring up in the aggressor’s house

Milan, the condominium dispute degenerates and culminates in an attack with an ax. So when the police come in Via Voltri, after receiving the report to the emergency number, the chaos subsides in the arrest of one of the duelists: a 46-year-old Italian citizen. In the aid given to the neighbor, a 55-year-old Italian, injured in the attack and that the health personnel treated on the spot. And with the seizure of weapons of war hidden in a sort of home mini-arsenal.

Shock in Milan: the condominium dispute ends with an ax

The alarm went off at 10 in the morning when, when some crews of the police squads of the public safety and prevention office of the Police Headquarters intervened in the reported building, after a 52-year-old Italian reported to the agents that a condominium had attacked her husband with a accepts inside their home. Arriving quickly on the spot, the policemen found the attacker who was still holding the ax used to hit the neighbor. The man at the sight of the agents tried to take refuge in his home.

Weapons of war and a shovel were hidden in the assailant’s house

Where, once inside, the men of the police found and seized, during a house search, a Vz61 Skorpion 7.65 mm Browning automatic pistol, equipped with a silencer (war weapon), and a shovel. In the courtyard of the same building, the agents also found the ax used for the attack. After the inspection, therefore, the police arrested the attacker for the crime of possession of a war weapon. In addition to being investigated in a state of freedom for aggravated threats and carrying objects capable of offending. The prosecutor on duty then ordered the transfer of the arrested person to the “San Vittore” prison in Milan awaiting validation.


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