On Rai2 debut “The cases of the young Miss Fisher”

The new detective series “The cases of young Miss Fisher” makes its debut in Italy: four episodes on air starting from Tuesday 15 June, in prime time, at 21.20 on Rai2.
The protagonist is the young Peregrine Fisher, granddaughter of Phryne Fisher, the charming 1920s detective of “Miss Fisher – Crimes and Mysteries”, inspired by Kerry Greenwood’s detective novels. As for the original series, even in the sequel the events are set in Australia but in the 60s, between colorful and very pop atmospheres.
We are exactly in 1964 and Peregrine Fisher is catapulted from a lonely and unsatisfying provincial life, into a career as a fearless detective. She arrives in Melbourne to accept the mysterious inheritance left to her by her aunt, who disappeared in a plane crash. Supported by a group of extraordinary women from the “Adventurer’s Club”, of which Phryne was a part, Peregrine decides to follow in the footsteps of her famous aunt. The first case he deals with is the death of a model, killed at a bridal fashion show. An intricate case made up of extramarital affairs, sexual harassment, high-level corruption, between the lights and shadows of the glitzy world of fashion.
Peregrine, played by Geraldine Hakewill, is a fearless, fun and charming girl with a natural propensity to break the rules. He also inherited a keen curiosity and a certain investigative intuition from his aunt.
Nel cast Joel Jackson (il detective James Steed), Catherine McClements (Birdie Birnside), James Mason (Eric Wild) e Greg Stone (l’ispettore capo Percy Sparrow).


Rai2 debut cases young Fisher

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