how and who can ask

how and who can ask
how and who can ask

The compensation for those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, although it was not recommended, it is now possible: on the initiative of Codacons, the under 60 who received the first dose of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine can fill out a warning and get compensation up to € 10,000.

The collective action against the continuous second thoughts of the Ministry of Health was born after the tragic death of the eighteen year old Camilla and is also aimed at those who have had no damage or side effects following administration.

Here’s how and who can claim compensation.

The Codacons initiative for people under 60 vaccinated with AstraZeneca

To protect consumers and the population who joined the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, Codacons has launched a double initiative:

  • on the one hand, he asked for the registration of Minister Speranza and General Figliuolo in register of offenses, following the death of the very young Genoese student, Camilla Canepa;
  • on the other, it opened a procedure to ask for the damages for those who received the AstraZeneca serum which was subsequently not recommended for people under 60.

The compensation action – explains Marco Ramadori, lawyer and president of Codacons – can reach the maximum amount of € 10,000 and can be promoted in three separate cases:

  • compensation for non-pecuniary damage caused by the fear of getting sick (even for those who have not had medically proven damage after administration);
  • compensation for biological damage – permanent or temporary – consequent to the Astrazeneca vaccination;
  • indemnity charged to the State for having been subjected to vaccination from which the “Permanent psychophysical impairment to be evaluated and quantified in the following” (provided for by law 201/92).

AstraZeneca vaccine: how to ask for compensation

Anyone wishing to join the initiative must download the application form for the collective warning on the Codacons portal and fill it in all its parts (personal data, tax code, residential address, place of vaccination and any adverse reactions).

For those under 60 who will apply, the compensation could amount up to € 10,000, even in the absence of physical consequences related to vaccination. In fact, in our legal system, there is a law that provides for the right to receive compensation from the Stratum “For those who suffer from permanent disabilities or side effects following vaccination but also for all people who live in fear of getting sick or having negative effects on their health”, the words of President Ramadori.

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