here are the videos of the lady secretly shot, pure horror – Libero Quotidiano

here are the videos of the lady secretly shot, pure horror – Libero Quotidiano
here are the videos of the lady secretly shot, pure horror – Libero Quotidiano

1533 videos and 9139 images all by child pornography character they brought the carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Salerno to arrest a 52-year-old Salerno. The man, with a criminal and police record, is now seriously suspected of detention and dissemination on the web (on the E-Mule platform) of a large amount of child pornography material and sexually explicit videos. The 52-year-old also reportedly released explicit videos of meetings with his former partner, an 80-year-old lady. This is the reason why he is also charged with the crime of revenge porn. The story that led to his arrest is linked to a previous investigation launched following numerous anonymous emails and phone calls threatening received by a soldier. Fundamental was the intervention of the Telematic Investigation Rate of the Provincial Command which managed to track down the suspect, who wanted to take revenge on a previous one arrest for absenteeism from the public service carried out exactly a few months earlier by the carabinieri.

It was during a home and computer search that the agents found an internet station connected to a “hive” of magnetic media containing as many as 30 Terabytes of videos and images with sexually explicit content. Then kidnapped also three Google accounts and a new internet station with the related mass memories found connected to it. Pre-trial detention in prison is thus confirmed: the arrested person will have to remain locked up in the Fuorni prison.

The same fate befell 4 people in Lombardy, also arrested for possession of pornographic material made through the exploitation of minors. The investigations revealed an intense exchange of child pornography material, to the extent of over 100 videos and photos depicting children between the ages of 2 and 12 – as well as, in some cases, newborns – involved in sexual acts with adults, with other minors and, sometimes, even with animals. The material was disseminated online, through the most popular instant messaging apps.

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videos lady secretly shot pure horror Libero Quotidiano

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