Covid vaccine booking, Liguria calls to anticipate the first dose

Covid vaccine booking, Liguria calls to anticipate the first dose
Covid vaccine booking, Liguria calls to anticipate the first dose

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June 15, 2021 9:10 am

Alisa’s phone calls to the Ligurians who booked the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to give them the opportunity to anticipate the administration started on Tuesday morning at 8 am.

Alisa and the Region have deployed 15 operators on the field that will rise to 50 in the next few days, in order to be able to contact about 10,000 people a week. The objective is to remain in line with the rhythms dictated by the vaccination campaign after the stop to the use of Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson under 60 established in recent days and to maintain the target of administrations assigned to Liguria by the commissioner.

To date, Italy has turned to the so-called “heterologous vaccination”, that is a “mixed” vaccination: those who have received the first dose of Astrazeneca or Johnson & Johnson, viral vector vaccines, will receive a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, Mrna vaccines. Those who have booked a first dose with Astrazeneca or Johnson will receive a first dose of Pfizer or Moderna directly.

The extraordinary commissioner for the emergency Figliuolo has assured in recent days that the stop at Astrazeneca and Johnson for the under 60s will not have a major impact on the vaccination campaign thanks to the arrival of new doses of Pfizer (especially) and Moderna in June. , but the Regions are moving in no particular order depending on the availability of the vaccine, the residents still to be vaccinated and the percentage of Astrazeneca’s initial boosters which will now have to be reprogrammed with Pfizer, choosing whether to marry the line of the Italian drug agency ( Aifa), which approved mixed vaccination for those under 60 who received a first dose of Astrazeneca.

Liguria has decided not to suspend the boosters and to proceed with mixed vaccination, and the booking agendas therefore change again and reorganize themselves, with direct contacts both for those who want to anticipate the vaccine and for those who must undergo a booster with mRNA vaccine.

The second vaccination, said the president of the Region Giovanni Toti, “will have to take place anyway 12 weeks later and not 42 days later but we are waiting for specifics”. On the other hand, the vaccination campaign for citizens over 60, who will continue to be administered the Astrazeneca on the recommendation of Aifa, does not change. However, the waivers also among the over 60s after the latest news relating to complications of the Oxford vaccine are different.


Covid vaccine booking Liguria calls anticipate dose

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