Schick and Olsen disappoint with Roma but exalt themselves with the national teams

Schick and Olsen disappoint with Roma but exalt themselves with the national teams
Schick and Olsen disappoint with Roma but exalt themselves with the national teams

Filippo Giannitrapani
June 15, 2021 2:16 pm

Robin Olsen and Patrik Schick are two undisputed protagonists of Euro 2020, both with Roma and Roma in common. The Czech striker and the Swedish goalkeeper shared the Trigoria dressing room in the 2018/2019 season but with disappointing results as they took the stage at Euro 2020 in one day.

Schick what a gem

Schick was snatched from Roma to Juventus, but his Giallorossi period was full of shadows. The bad performances in the capital are a counterbalance to the splendid performance at Euro 2020. In the debut match of his Czech Republic, Schick scored the brace that allowed his national team to beat Scotland 2-0. The second goal was a pearl, a shot from midfield that left no way out for the Scottish goalkeeper and is a candidate to be the best goal of the tournament. With the Roma shirt, the attacker has collected 58 appearances and only 8 goals, often playing as a winger in a trident not making the best of his abilities, but rather becoming a real flop in a few months. He was also affected by the many injuries.

Now in Germany, at Bayer Leverkusen and above all in the national team Schick is taking his revenge. Growing the regrets in Trigoria for what could be the forward of the future of Rome.

Olsen parries everything

Similar speech for Robin Olsen, the goalkeeper who saved the impossible with his Sweden by pinning Spain to zero to zero. Olsen, however, unlike the striker, is still under contract with Roma after the two loans to Cagliari first and to Everton last season. Against Spain, the Swede took the stage and his personal redemption after another disappointing season at Carlo Ancelotti’s court. The Liverpool club has not redeemed the goalkeeper who will return to Trigoria, but only temporarily. In fact, Olsen’s future is far from the capital. Olsen’s Giallorossi memories are nightmares, where there are many different mistakes from the Marches such as the one against Frosinone that led to Ciano’s goal or against Genoa when he scored Piatek. With its sale, Roma hopes to collect five million euros and get rid of a salary of 2.5 million (gross). The super performance with Spain bodes well for Tiago Pinto, who wants to find buyers for the goalkeeper.

In one day, two Romanist flops became European stars with real feats. And in Trigoria you can breathe a bit of regret.


Schick Olsen disappoint Roma exalt national teams

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