“United States and Saudi Arabia in favor of the coup in Jordan wanted by the king’s half-brother”: the revelation of the Washington Post

United States e Arabia Saudi were in favor of the prince’s accession to the throne Hamzah Hamzah bin Hussein, who in April had attempted the coup d’état and the deposition of the king Abdallah II of Jordan, his half-brother. To reveal the plot with international branches of the failed coup is the Washington post which, in an article by David Ignatius, has reconstructed the plot in which they intersect Amman, the States United, Riad e Jerusalem. Hamzah, the king’s half-brother, will not be on the bench defendants, next week before the State Security Court. They will go to the bar Bassem Awadallah, a former high official of the royal house, Saudi and became one of the main advisors of Mohammed bin Salman, e Cherif Hassan bin Zaid, once a special envoy of the king a Riad. Both face 20 years in prison.

According to what was reconstructed by Washington Post, he re Abdallah he had attracted American hostility as he opposed the Abrahamic Agreements signed by United Arab Emirates, Usa, Israel and Bahrain. A position triggered by the decision of Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, thus questioning the legitimacy of the Jordanian monarchy in its role as guardian of the holy places of the gods Muslims. The position of the administration americana diverged in this way from that ofHim-her-it, which attributed part of the sovereignty over Jerusalem to the Palestinians. The opposition of the Jordan therefore prevented a Riad to join the agreement, which is why it is theSaudi Arabia that States United were in favor of a weakening of the king of Amman.

The process – While he’s not on the stand, all eyes will be indirectly on Hamzah. According to the indictment against the alleged accomplices, published today, the prince “was determined to satisfy his personal ambition to reign, in violation of the Constitution and gods Hashemite customs. And to do so, he tried to exploit the problems of the population and to provoke sedition in society, in particular through the tweets written by Bassem Awadallah ”, reads the text.

as to Cherif Hassan bin Zaid, “Friend and relative” of Hamzah, it was he who recommended a Bassem Awadallah to “obtain external support to help the prince access the throne”. Because the latter “was close to the officials of the kingdom Saudi“. The story dates back to April, when Amman denounced a plot to “destabilize the security of the kingdom”, triggering an unprecedented crisis that led to the arrest of twenty high dignitaries. On the occasion, the Saudi monarchy, a powerful neighbor of Jordan, expressed “full support” for Amman and the “measures adopted by re Abdallah and by Crown Prince Hussein to safeguard security and stability ”. While Prince Hamzah, who would have been the director of the plot, promised to “remain faithful” to King Abdallah.

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