the princess also appears. All the names involved – Libero Quotidiano

the princess also appears. All the names involved – Libero Quotidiano
the princess also appears. All the names involved – Libero Quotidiano

The scandal renamed “multopoli” has been resolved in a stalemate, an investigation into over 132 thousand suspiciously canceled fines in Rome. But let’s proceed in order. It all started with the complaint of an official, Emma Coli, who some time ago had told how among the corridors of the economic resources department of the Capitol thousands of sanctions were illegally cataloged as “unacceptable”.

According to the prosecutors there was a sort of “parallel office, that is, an alternative illegal channel, to manage the landfills in a clientelist way “. In the proceedings of the investigation the president of Lazio is also called into question:” Most of the beneficiaries of the illegal landfills were people attributable to the business groups of the Colaneri family, in commercial relations with Pelusi, and to Mr. Claudio Lotito“. Among the fines canceled in a” suspicious “way – as reported Republic – those made at the princess Caterina Torlonia, to the entrepreneur Ciampini and also to Riccardo Brugia, the convict in the service of Massimo Carminati. Well-known names, in short, who had contributed to fuel the media hype surrounding the matter.

But now the acquittal has arrived, because the accusations made by the accounting prosecutors would not be supported by concrete elements. The court of the Court of Auditors acquitted Pasquale Pelusi and three other municipal officials under investigation for making the sanctions of over 17 million euros disappear. And now it will be the State that will have to compensate the accused about 50,000 euros of expenses incurred during the trial.

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princess appears names involved Libero Quotidiano

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