“Really unify Italy! We were the capital, then Cavour and Garibaldi took everything …”

“Really unify Italy! We were the capital, then Cavour and Garibaldi took everything …”
“Really unify Italy! We were the capital, then Cavour and Garibaldi took everything …”

Passepartout Festival Guest (here the full intervention), President Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke of the city of Naples: “In addition to the recovery money, it is necessary to get into debt for construction sites and unify a territory that has never been unified. The problem is the organized crime, which the state is unable to limit, and territorial unity. Naples was the capital in 600 and in the 700, third only in Paris and London, and many came here, as painters and writers. In 700 it had a sewer system and in the south there are cities that still do not have it, first of all as running water. I don’t want to be a Bourbon , but Cavour was paraculo by sending a film character like Garibaldi to play with the mafia to conquer and unite Italy, the Bourbon wealth was gigantic and they took it away, all the gold reserves were taken away, the ‘unification did not take place at the territorial level “.

Good relationship with De Luca?I wanted to meet him many years ago, before joining Napoli. As much as it may be contested, he is someone who puts his face on it, works, stays on track. Decisions must be made, otherwise what are you going to do … we are already centuries behind. Its management? Its management is a management that cannot be judged, as is the whole of Italy, given that for two years there has been Covid, which is like a third world war even if less bloody. The thing that most distresses me are the children and the very young, the schools and teachers not up to par, the underpaid professors. There is also a lack of facilities, computers, useless as they show us the benches bought for shit, the problem is substantial. How can we be competitive? We are in the penultimate place in terms of consumption of European funds because there is a bureaucratization of the system with all the possibility of being blocked and reported and then no one moves “.

Naples model to copy compared to the city model?I arrived, but I didn’t know her very much, my family is Neapolitan, but I didn’t know the transformation of the Neapolitans, disheartened, fatalistic, but fate must try to dominate it. I saw that everyone told me no, to any idea, so I did my own thing, as I’m used to. They took me for crazy, but at most I am a visionary, for example there are beautiful boats but they cannot dive, I said that the port of Salerno instead was progressing because here the seabed was too shallow, but they do nothing. Why can’t the port area be redesigned? Therefore De Luca is unpleasant to politicians, because he is one of doing things, whoever does becomes unpleasant. I can say it, I have no skeletons in the closet, others are silent but it is worse, but Italy is like this “.

What relationship do you have with other industrialists?For example, a great Neapolitan is Aponte, has MSC, ships, the son-in-law then added cruises. He spends 1 billion and a half per ship just for the cruise ship. Where do you live and work? Geneva. Why? He in Naples has the entire fleet with connections to the islands, yet he is not here. I have an escort at the matches, but in Naples alone I refuse it, I want to feel free. Even if they write to me ‘we kill you’ ‘you are a shit’ because maybe I had them arrested, with me the compromise will never exist! When I go to sleep I don’t have to have any problems, in fact I fall asleep immediately and wake up very early. Will I die in the morning? But I will not have problems of conscience “.

What needs to be done to get started?There is a great Neapolitan culture, also made up of streets, it should not be abandoned, but it must also be used to attract visitors. Reviewing the Italian wedding, with Loren and Mastroianni, two Oscars, you saw a Naples that was immediately internationalized, even to the most distant in the world. The city has great strength, it lacks a ruling class with balls, the courage you give it if you give it money to invest, but 80 billion is not enough, it is not Naples but the south … if you have to get to Reggio Calabria in many hours risking his life with stones then the territory does not work. The railways have changed our lives, in 2 hours and passes you are in Milan, you write, you work, you arrive at the center, but even there you are late because the Trenitalia administrator told me we can go at 500km / h but the track is not adaptable and there is infrastructure work. Bari-Naples are now making the railways, on a project of 10 years ago, already outdated. Therefore Italy does not work. The superintendencies, have you ever talked to any of these? Some are extraordinary, but I feel that in Florence someone like Commisso, who has already thrown more than 350 million into Fiorentina, wants to build a stadium and is told that he cannot be touched because a monument. But a monument to what, it is for the people who are harassed for life by wives and lovers and work and want to go to a stadium to vent and you prevent them from modernizing it because a monument of what … the bureaucracy is then politicized, it is against Commisso as an American, for them Commisso is a power to be annihilated. The state is losing, but it wins because we are silent and appecoronato “.

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