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Luceverde Roma Good afternoon Welcome back to the editorial offices all over Italy in the red zone shops closed except for basic necessities on takeaway and home delivery for bars and restaurants only for valid certified reasons remains the possibility once a day between 5 and 22 of go to visit relatives and friends you can go up to two but you can bring children under 14 and even non self-sufficient cohabiting people to the Euro in full swing preparations for the Formula One Grand Prix and car race a place is reserved for electric traction scheduled for 10 and 11 April several streets in the district are closed to traffic subject to changes in traffic conditions.We recommend due attention regarding public transport partial interruption on the rome-lido railway line the Acilia pyramid section closed due to a technical fault Active only between Acilia and Colombo as an alternative bus line substitutivirl2 between EUR Magliana a d Acilia Or between pyramid deor Magliana it is possible to use the metro B Also on the high-speed line Rome Florence towards Rome the railway traffic is slowed down near closed due to a technical problem to the line for the details of these and other news you can consult the site Roma punto all by Daniele guerrisi A later report by the ce of the local police of Roma Capitale
In collaboration with Luce Verde, infomobility Rome


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