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Vaccini today, Italy above 10 million. Lombardy recovers – Chronicle

Milan – Reaches altitude 10.591.038 the total of vaccinations administered to date, according to data released by the Ministry of Health, and updated at 15.30. The vaccine was inoculated a 6,304,073 women e 4,286,965 men. 3,318,983 people have already been given the first and second doses. The largest number of recipients is represented by over 80 (3,574,640), followed by health and social health workers (3,040,458), other categories (1,644,405), the school staff (1,038,161), guests of residential facilities (563,731), non-medical personnel (497,941) and the armed forces (231,702). In total, 12,283,800 vaccines are distributed: 8,704,800 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech, 826,600 of Modern, and 2,752,400 of AstraZeneca. The regions with the highest percentage of administrations compared to the endowment are the autonomous province of Bolzano (94,7%), Veneto (94.1%), Molise (91.6%), Valle d’Aosta (91.6%), and the one with less Calabria (77,1%).

The situation in Italy

In the egg of the second consecutive Easter in lockdown, the Italians also find some good reason to return to hope. Although the latest Health Bulletin still registers 21,932 positives and 481 victims, with a stable positivity rate of 6.6% and intensive care units still covered at 41%. The good news comes from though Silvio Brusaferro which ensures: “The epidemic curve begins to decrease”, explains the president of the ISS. This is mainly due to the acceleration of the vaccination plan, with over 300 thousand inoculations in one day. Of the 10 million administrations that took place, about 6 million were given in March. The arrival of one million and 300 thousand doses of AstraZeneca is a further boost even if the Regions are asking for new doses.

New doses of the vaccine

General Figliuolo

“In April there is a consistent arrival of vaccines with the verification of the capabilities of vaccinators and vaccination points. If the system holds up, and leads me to have 500,000 vaccinations a day at the end of the month, I will close the campaign at the end of September”. Thus General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, commissioner for the Covid emergency. The turning point comes “in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Health shared with the commissioner structure: we have put a firm point on who must be vaccinated in priority. Now it has been received by the presidents of the Region and their managers in the area for vaccinations”.

La road map in Lombardia

The leap of Lombardy

In Lombardy, the acceleration coincided with the introduction of the Italian Post system. There are 192,114 Lombards between 75 and 79 years old who have booked an appointment for the anti-Coronavirus vaccination on the debut day (Friday) after the inefficiencies and delays generated with the Aria platform, the company of the Lombardy Region. A figure still on Friday that is equivalent to 42.7% of the audience of vaccinated between 75 and 79 years, equal to exactly 449,862 people. If the ytrend were to be confirmed, the goal is to get vaccinated under the age of 49 by 18 July.

The vaccination hubs

As for the administration of vaccines “we have already surveyed 420 production sites that can enter the vaccination campaign” while on the administration front in the company Figliuolo reiterates that “it will be done when we have secured those who are most likely to have a negative outcome. for this disease. When we get to that point, we will vaccinate in parallel. ”

Davide Galimberti, Lorenzo Guerini and Attilio Fontana

In Varese

“I am a child of this land and I know the sufferings of our communities due to the pandemic. If I am here today, it is also to testify my personal closeness and that of Defense to all those who have lost their loved ones, to the people who have suffered and to doctors and health workers who have been fighting on the front line against the virus for more than a year “. So is the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini in his speech on the occasion of the inauguration of Vaccination Center of Varese set up in a very short time by the Defense personnel. To inaugurate the new center of Varese, named after the Honorable Giuseppe Zamberletti, founder of the Civil Protection, in addition to Minister Guerini, also the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana and the Mayor of Varese Davide Galimberti. Also present was the coordinator of the anticovid vaccine plan of the Lombardy Region Guido Bertolaso, the President of the Province Emanuele Antonelli, the general manager of ASST Settelaghi Bonelli and military, political and civil authorities.

A drawing by artist Harry Greb is ticked & quot; symbolically & quot; to the Ministry of Health.


Meanwhile, a drawing by the artist appeared on the walls of the Ministry of Health this morning Harry Greb: represents a dove carrying vaccines and on the body it has an open aircraft door, with two bottles of anti-Covid vaccine that descend with a parachute. “This morning arriving at the Ministry of Health I found a nice message from street artist Harry Greb. Happy Easter to everyone”, wrote the Minister of Health on his Facebook page. Roberto Speranza, who posted the image of the dove.

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