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seals at convenience stores and truck bars -
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do not deny communion to Biden-

do not deny communion to Biden-
do not deny communion to Biden-

The Vatican warned i conservative bishops Americans to rein in their pressure to deny the Communion to politicians who support i abortion rights, including the president Joe Biden, second leader in the White House to be a practicing Catholic. Nonetheless, the American bishops insist and are expected to impose a debate and maybe a vote on the subject in one virtual conference which starts Wednesday and which could dig a furrow between the Holy See and the US Catholic Church. The «New York Times».

The “crusade” is led by some bishops whose priorities are clearly aligned with those of theex presidente Donald Trump and who want to reaffirm the centrality ofopposition to abortion in the Catholic faith by dictating a hard line. Among them, Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the US bishops’ conference, who on pontiff he never promoted to the rank of cardinal. “The concern in the Vatican is not to use theaccess to the Eucharist come weaponpolicyAntonio Spadaro, director of Civiltà Cattolica, a Jesuit very close to the Holy Father, explains to the NYT.

Pope francesco said this month that communion «It is not the reward of the saints but the bread of sinners“. And Cardinal Luis Ladaria, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, wrote a letter to the American bishops warning them that a vote on this question it could “become one source of discord rather than unite the episcopate and enlarge the church in the United States ».

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