Europe withdraws funds from the Municipality for rental bikes “Irregularity in declared expenses”

They describe a euphoric hall at PD banquets with propaganda leaflets as is appropriate in the election campaign and it is a must, when instead it has met very few committees of citizens eager for elementary rules to be respected. With a recommendation “Do not believe the of the Center”.

But how many lanes or cycle paths scream their, let’s call it, falsehood? To say that many other experts in the sector validate the irregularities found in practice by the center-right. Enrico Bonizzoli, road safety expert and consultant to the Ministry of Transport, focuses attention on the regulatory aspects of cycle paths: «All the cycle lanes introduced in the Relaunch Decree are not yet regulated in the Implementation and execution Regulations. Consequently they cannot be realized ». For this reason he presented two complaints to the Public Prosecutor’s Office: “Personally I have always been a supporter of the use of bicycles, but where it is possible to use it safely – he begins in the complaint – the disruption of the road system in progress in Milan is resulting in congestion of the traffic and a considerable increase in accidents with injuries especially for weak users ».

Is this also a fake news? “And now there are also irregularities in management because Europe, reports Libero, withdraws the money for rental bicycles from the Municipality of Milan. The contribution of 1.5 million, allocated following the project presented three years ago by the Sala council for l” extension of the BikeMi service, it was revoked following some checks by the Managing Authority of the National Operational Program set up by the European Commission. The Municipality of Milan is accused of some irregularities in the assignment of the service, which emerged both in the random checks of the Internal Audit and following the analysis of the counter-deductions presented by Palazzo Marino. «At the end of the verifications carried out» reads the report signed on 1 April, «it is possible to conclude that the outcome of the audit is negative, as criticalities or irregularities were found such as to affect the correctness and regularity of the declared expenses».

What will the Municipality invent to re-enter the budget excluding the European donation?

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