Oscar Di Montigny: “Sala can be beaten, Milan must run” – Politics

Oscar Di Montigny: “Sala can be beaten, Milan must run” – Politics
Oscar Di Montigny: “Sala can be beaten, Milan must run” – Politics

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Milan – The decisive match is scheduled for tomorrow in Rome. Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani they will confront each other to solve the puzzle of candidate for mayor of the center-right in Milan. “I am curious to know the outcome of the meeting, there are people waiting to dissolve the reserve”, says Oscar Di Montigny, 52, Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Value Strategy Officer of Mediolanum Bank. The first to have to dissolve the reserve is him: “You don’t take on a commitment like this without having evaluated all the aspects. The impact on the family and on the profession in primis”.

How did your candidacy for Palazzo Marino come about?
“They looked for me. Who did it I don’t know how he got my reference. When they contacted me I said: ‘I am honored.’
Who contacted you?
“I spoke to representatives of the center-right. I do not feel an expression of any of the parties in the coalition. I am not Silvio Berlusconi’s candidate as I am not from the Lega or the Brothers of Italy. , being Ennio Doris’s son-in-law, and professional. But in this choice there is nothing that comes from my work in Mediolanum. Quite the contrary. “
“If I had to decide on the candidacy, the bank would lose a director. So it is a choice that we must share”.
Hard to believe he hasn’t already discussed it, at home or at work.
“Of course he talked about it. The idea of ​​running as a candidate is a reason for happiness: I say this in an adolescent way. I never accept assignments if I am not aware of being able to fulfill them. I am looking for information to clarify some elements. Only then will I dissolve mine. reserve”.
Wouldn’t this wait rather depend on the internal confrontation with the center-right?
“I believe in programs and not in parties; in values ​​and not in dogmas. I want to understand what the values ​​are and the people to work with”.
The center-right is considering various names.
“They have explored the civic dimension in its various expressions, and this is also beautiful. There is also a political alternative, which is Maurizio Lupi. The fact that we are taking time is positive. It means that we are reflecting”.
You met Salvini: how did it go?
“A pleasant meeting. I’m discovering interesting people, whom I previously only knew through the media.”
What if they chose a candidate other than you?
“I have a civic commitment in mind, which for me is nothing new. I am interested in embracing a program. Whether it is to be mayor or to fill another role is not decisive. I want to commit myself to the country”.
So the beginning of a political career?
“At 52, with my commitment to the private sector, I want to take a step into politics. Where politics is not synonymous with parties but with commitment to the community. Responsible finance is also politics”.
Can Giuseppe Sala be beaten?
“Where there is a challenge there is the unknown result. It also happens in sport. Only this is not a race but a confrontation. And it is done with ideas”.
“I believe we can project ourselves into the future by focusing on three levers: innovation, sustainability and the centrality of the person. Where this is not the citizen but the human being”.
His Milan?
“Faster than the current one. Able to guarantee a future for his children without forcing them to take a flight to look for him elsewhere”.

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