the Italian entrepreneur and the 70 days of hell lived in Sudan

the Italian entrepreneur and the 70 days of hell lived in Sudan
the Italian entrepreneur and the 70 days of hell lived in Sudan

Marco Zennaro, the Italian businessman arrested in Sudan in recent weeks due to an economic dispute, was released from prison but remains under house arrest in a hotel in Khartoum. The Farnesina specifies this. In recent days, the Director General for Italians Abroad Luigi Vignali had asked the Sudanese authorities to be released from prison after news of his worrying psycho-physical conditions. The 46-year-old father of three and owner of an electrical materials company, Zennarotrafo, had arrived in Sudan in mid-March after a company he was in business with, the firm ‘Al Gallabi’, contested a supply transformers that according to the buyer did not conform to the characteristics set out in the agreement. All accusations to prove. But which led the entrepreneur to live two and a half months of hell.

As soon as he landed, the 46-year-old had his passport confiscated and was notified of the complaint. After being locked up in a hotel for two weeks, the matter seemed to be resolved thanks to the payment of 400 thousand euros as compensation (the order was over 1.1 million euros). But no: after leaving the local police station, last April 1st, Zennaro was about to return to Italy, but before his departure he was again stopped by the police and taken to a cell of the local police station.

Marco Zennaro: what we know about the entrepreneur detained in Sudan

A complicated story: the second arrest would have occurred by order of Abdallah Ahamed, a man of General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, vice president of the Transitional Military Council after the Sudanese coup in 2019, who would be the real customer who wanted to complete the purchase through Gallabi, who has meanwhile been found dead in the Nile. To contest the non-compliance of the transformers would have been the laboratory of another company in the sector active in the country.

Zennaro had left for Sudan with the intention of speaking in person with the buyer, he found himself the victim of an international intrigue. For almost two months, the 46-year-old was locked up in a cramped room in the police station. After his release from prison was rejected, he was transferred to a prison in Ordurman with 200 other people. “All my companions took care of me because they said they saw a dead man” Zennaro himself reported to his family. Finally a few days ago the last cold shower with the return to the cell of the police station where Marco did not even have a bed to sleep on. In a room so hot it resembles a furnace. “Marco’s conditions today are tragic” his brother Alvise said a few days ago. And on the facebook page “Let’s support Marco – Marco Zennaro free” two photos of the Venetian businessman were published the day before yesterday: in the first the 46-year-old appeared with an unkempt beard and a marked face, the second instead would be a screenshot of a video call. The beard was shorter, but the pain still evident in the man’s expression and in those hands raised to his forehead.

The latest developments in the case: other accusers appear

A torture. And to say that a local judge had already established once that the conditions for arrest were not met. So much so that according to the portal “Focus on Africa”, which is closely following the story, the first accusation had already been filed on 25 May after the final decision of the Attorney General. So why has Marco been locked up until today? Another complaint would have been formalized against him, this time by another company in Dubai. In the past there was also talk of a request for money (700 thousand euros) which would have served to put an end to the dispute. It is unclear whether this sort of “ransom” was eventually paid. What is certain is that after almost three months of nightmare, today for Zennaro’s family, good news has finally arrived.


Italian entrepreneur days hell lived Sudan

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