The Novavax vaccine is 90% effective against Covid

A new vaccine is preparing to join the ranks of those that can be used to combat Covid-19. This is that of the American biotech startup Novavax, the first among those in an advanced phase of experimentation to use protein technology. The serum, whose scientific name is NVX-CoV2373, has shown in the course of phase 3 trials 100% efficacy in protecting moderate and acute manifestations of the virus, and an overall efficacy of 90.4%, thus exceeding the primary endpoint of the experimental phase.

The study involved nearly 30,000 participants in 119 sites in the US and Mexico, and was aimed at evaluating efficacy, safety and immunogenicity, with particular attention to the recruitment of a representative population of communities and demographic groups most affected by the disease. The antidote, which can be administered in two doses, can be stored at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees, thus allowing the use of the distribution chain already set up for the other vaccines. It will be packaged in a ready-to-use liquid formulation in vials of 10 doses.

Stanley C. Erck, president and CEO of the company, recalled that “from today Novavax is a step closer to responding to the urgent need for new antidotes to the pandemic”. The company, he added, “continues to work urgently to complete all regulatory requests and distribute the serum.” Given the encouraging results, the company plans to ask the authorities for the green light as early as the third quarter of this year, once the last stages of the trial have also been completed. Subsequently, Novavax hypothesizes to reach the production capacity of 100 million doses per month already by September, and then to reach 150 million monthly in the period October-December.

In the pre-market, the stock listed on Nasdaq shows a jump of 7.19% to 209.68 euros per share. Of all the listed companies vying for the antidote, Novavax represents perhaps the most spectacular case: since the beginning of April 2020 the company has experienced a 1,444% rally, going from 14 dollars to over 200 dollars. currently at more than 15.5 billion. (All rights reserved)


Novavax vaccine effective Covid

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