Capcom E3 2021 Showcase | Recap – All announcements and trailers

Capcom E3 2021 Showcase | Recap – All announcements and trailers
Capcom E3 2021 Showcase | Recap – All announcements and trailers

The appointments with theE3 2021: tonight it’s the turn of Capcom, developer and publisher who had anticipated on the eve of wanting to propose news for games like Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise e Monster Hunter Stories 2. The appointment is set for 23.30 and of course we of SpazioGames we are already live on our Twitch channel to follow all the announcements with our Valentino.

It is difficult to imagine if, on the other hand, there will be announcements of completely unreleased games, although it is likely that at that point Capcom would have tried to “push” them towards further visibility on the stages of recent days, perhaps like that of the Summer Game Fest or the Xbox Showcase. . We will also see if there will be news on the fugitive RE: Verse, the multiplayer that was supposed to debut with Village but which was then postponed to a later date.

Capcom holds its presentation at E3 2021

If for any reason you would like to punish yourself by not following our live broadcast, you will find here the updates on all the news that will come from the event, which should last about half an hour, in real time. Then update the page to not miss the news.

We also remind you that you will find on this page all the coverage of SpazioGames dedicated to the first digital E3 ever, while on this dedicated page all the recaps of the conferences await you, with lots of trailers and announcements that you shouldn’t miss.

23.30 – The start of the Capcom conference is expected.

23.33 – The Capcom team was positively impressed by the welcome they received from Resident Evil Village. The producer of the game, Tsuyoshi Kanda, wanted to thank the fans who lived Village and he wanted to remember the free access, included in the purchase of the game, a RE:Verse. The release is expected next month.

23.33 – It has been confirmed that work on DLC dedicated to Resident Evil Village, of which, however, no details are revealed.

23.34 – It’s time to Monster Hunter Stories 2, shown with a long trailer, with many gameplay glimpses, which drags us into the atmosphere of the game coming out next July on Nintendo Switch and PC. The game will include free updates: the first will arrive as early as July 15 adding the companions of Rise inside Stories 2, but from June 25 you can try a demo and keep it with you progress in the final game.

23.39Monster Hunter Rise It was a great success, Capcom reveals happily, promising more news for the game available on Nintendo Switch. Thus, in June we will see a collaboration with Rise 2 and hybrid content between the two titles, but not only: version 3.1 of the game will add special event quests to test you with numerous new hunts and will also introduce new aesthetic rewards for your hunter to show off. Some can be unlocked in-game, it is anticipated, others will be paid. The update will arrive on June 24 next.

23.41 – Here comes The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, a box set that will take out of Japan for the first time The Great Ace Attorney Adventures e The Great Ace Attorney 2 Resolve. The appointment is set for July 27, while the gameplay of the game is shown up close on the Capcom stage, obviously based on deductive and investigation mechanics – so get ready to collect evidence and prove its validity to solve the dozen cases that you will face.

23.49 – Find space on stage Capcom Pro Tour 2021, with a section of the show dedicated to Capcom eSports champions and aspiring ones, who can register online to participate in competitions.

23.56 – The appointment with Capcom is concluded.

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