“Made to pass as a traitor, because it is an unworthy hype” – Libero Quotidiano

“Made to pass as a traitor, because it is an unworthy hype” – Libero Quotidiano
“Made to pass as a traitor, because it is an unworthy hype” – Libero Quotidiano

Vittorio Feltri

03 April 2021

Some new ones of these days have left me perplexed. The first. An Italian Navy officer was arrested for spying on behalf of Russia. Specifically, the military Walter Biot (which in Bergamo means naked) is accused of having handed over to some Putin’s 007 secret documents concerning national security. I wonder what it was since our frayed and caciarone country does not seem to me to have anything to hide, considering that the citizens are so gossipy that nothing of what happens to them, at any level, is hidden. We are unbeatable in the art of spreading all facts and misdeeds, including hoaxes. In matters of the army and the like we are notoriously poor and, when they call us to participate in missions abroad, then they entrust us with secondary roles, such as the one once assigned to the Red Cross.

In fact, the Italian Constitution does not provide that our soldiers take part in offensive battles, they are only allowed to protect themselves. In short, they do not have particularly sophisticated armaments that are tempting to other nations. Therefore poor Biot, constrained by family needs, probably sold (for the paltry sum of 5 thousand euros: a sign of desperation) to the agents of Moscow bogus papers or in any case inherent to fairly insignificant things. Nevertheless this one he was passed off as a traitor to the Fatherland and therefore deserving to end up in prison as a dangerous criminal willing to sell valuable and confidential cards. In conclusion, I believe that this story is a hoax unworthy of being taken into serious consideration. Free the officer and stop fantasizing. To spy on our internal affairs just take a look at the news and Big Brother, there is nothing else that is capable of interesting Russia.

Second news. In Naples, a nerdy guy was attacked by two rogues who robbed him of his watch and maybe something else. The man obviously got angry and reacted. Like? He got behind the wheel and chased the criminals who were traveling on a scooter. He reached them and hit them to stop them, what else could he do? Judging in retrospect he would have done better to leave them alone, after all it was not worthwhile to rage on them for a Rolex. But at the moment he could not resist the idea of ​​taking revenge and until he was able to overwhelm them with his car he did not give up. Too bad both robbers were left dry. Instantly. Having two corpses on your conscience is not a light weight. And it is not wrong to adequately punish persistence. However, it must be considered that the man, now accused of double murder, had been attacked and his conduct is at least partially justified. Instead he was thrown in jail and now as offended he will have to defend himself.

Which makes me reflect on the fact that in Italy the robbers are more respected than those who suffer an attack and respond excessively. The problem is that the thieves, according to the culture of the left, are to be pitied because they act in a state of need, being miserable wretches who make a living, having no alternatives, acting illegally. On the other hand, their victims are forced to suffer every abuse in silence as they did not die of hunger. Third news. Yesterday the Corriere della Sera opened the front page with the following title: “The Regions: give us more vaccines”. But what vaccines if the state is unable to buy them and waits for Europe to deliver them to it, which also lacks them? It would be funny if all this didn’t piss off.

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