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Thursday 17 June, in videoconference he presents the latest work by Alessandro Cuk, author of the monograph “La città dolente”

Thursday 17 June at 5.30 pm live on the page of the ANVGD Facebook Group in Milan, To raise awareness and pass on the history of Venezia Giulia “ the videoconference on“ La città dolente : The film and the book ”.

The meeting will be attended by the national vice president of ANVGD Alessandro Cuk, also author of the book “The painful city – The cinema of the eastern border” and the film critic of the Piccolo di Trieste Paolo Lughi.

This book explores the different aspects of a film, La città dolente by director Mario Bonnard, which despite being the only one to have dealt with the issue of the Julian Dalmatian exodus in an organic way while it was still in progress (the film was made in 1948 and was released in theaters in 1949), has long been forgotten. The author analyzes the film in detail and offers a reinterpretation also from the historical point of view of the immediate postwar period.

Mario Bonnard’s city of sorrow follows the events of Berto, an Italian citizen of Pola who opts for Yugoslavia after the Treaty of Paris which deprives Italy of sovereignty over the city. He soon regrets his choice: he manages to get his wife and son back home, but for him the exile will end tragically.

Seen through the eyes of seventy years later, the film looks like a reliable fresco of an era that can testify to a page of history torn and fallen for decades into oblivion and guilty forgetfulness.


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